Jessica Barden


We’re shaking up our thematic for 2018. Why? Because we know that our readers crave more than just music. We know their lifestyle because it’s our lifestyle. With that in mind, we’ve decided to incorporate more into this issue. More art, more fashion, more entertainment. More everything. And as we break free of our we’re showcasing stories of performers whose unique paths and choice to forgo traditions have lead them to road of success.

Jessica Barden is smart, ambitious, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Though she’s no stranger to the screen (making her first TV appearance at the age of seven), her latest role as Alyssa in the Netflix series The End of the F***king World has pushed her into the global eye. Barden shines in what she calls her dream role, though it wasn’t always like that. “I got tired of being called gritty,” she tells us about how her accent and young looks pigeonholed her into eccentric roles. Despite this, Barden says she wouldn’t change anything about her career. Read the rest of our interview to find out why.

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