Alex Aiono


No one likes to be put in a box. As humans, we need space to grow and change and express ourselves in any way we can. And when it comes to the things that entertain us, that’s exactly we look for, something that will stimulate our every desire. That’s why at EUPHORIA., we decided to shake it up and set ourselves free. We’re breaking out and exploring all the things we crave. From fashion to beauty to TV and music, everything you want to know finally in one place.

“I decided to forget trying to follow the trends,” says singer ALEX AIONO, the first of this issue’s three cover stars, whose decision to break out of the “traditional” YouTube strategy in order to create the music he connected with became a catalyst for his career. And with an Interscope record deal, six hit singles and millions of fans, things are just getting started for this fast-rising star. Check out the rest of our interview where he talks plans for his tour, how his Samoan culture influences his music, and much more.

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