Sabrina Carpenter – Please Please Please

On “Please Please Please,” Sabrina Carpenter is begging a new lover not to embarrass her in front of her family. After convincing the family that she’s found a “different guy,” she really hopes he’s going to be able to put up a good act and not embarrass her. I think with each new single, Carpenter manages to find cracks in topics that are not oft-explored when we’re talking about love and relationships. We’ve had heartbreaks, toxic relationships, moving on and falling for someone songs, and others like it a dime a dozen, but we don’t usually get a song about what it’s like to introduce your new partner to your family and just hold your breath everything turns out right. No one wants that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man‘s first meeting with Gwen Stacey’s family to repeat, now do we?

I know I have good judgment, I know I have good taste / It’s funny and it’s ironic that only I feel that way,” she sings in the opening verse, before launching her warning: “I promise ’em that you’re different and everyone makes mistakes / But just don’t.” 

In the chorus, she sings, “And please, pleasе, please / Don’t bring me to tеars when I just did my makeup so nice / Heartbreak is one thing, my ego’s another / I beg you, don’t embarrass me.” Carpenter clearly wants to protect her relationship and her pride, so she understands if he makes mistakes, but she really doesn’t want him to make one in front of the grand family meeting.

In the second verse, she suggests a different idea in the event he doesn’t want to behave. He could stay home and no one would know they were together. However, she later confirms she’s joking, or is she? “Please Please Please” is produced by frequent Taylor Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff, with writing credits going to Amy Allen, Carpenter, and Antonoff.

Fans think they’re witnessing some kind of a Sabrina Carpenter cinematic universe with the new video for “Please Please Please.” You know how we left off the “Expresso” music video with her getting arrested, well, we open this one with the singer just getting released from jail. As she annoyingly ignores a policeman and uses his booth glass to apply her lipstick, she hears a sound and when she goes out to investigate, ta ta da da da, she sees a cute and insanely hot guy, who is actually played by her cute and insanely hot real-life boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

After he keeps getting in trouble and getting arrested for his crimes – he robbed an old lady – Carpenter decides to take matters into her own hands, and instead cuffs him up and tapes his mouth shut. There, problem solved.

“Please Please Please” arrives as the second single from her upcoming sixth studio album Short n’ Sweet.