Kehlani – Next 2 U

Kehlani’s new song “Next 2 U” has got spirit, heart, and a message we don’t get to hear as often as we should. And maybe I’m not even talking about the lyrics, but what the song portrays in general and the countless people it’ll give hope to.

“Next 2 U” is arriving on the heels of Kehlani calling out fellow celebrities for their silence on the genocide and war crimes taking place in Gaza. The “Altar” hitmaker used their platform to promote a cause that’s dear to their heart, and what’s best? All proceeds from the “Next 2 U” merch will go towards supporting people affected by the war.

“Next 2 U” starts off with a heavy grunge rock kind of sound, followed by a gospel-like choir, before we hear a scream, and it kicks off. Kehlani matches the energy of their infatuation in the strength we hear in their vocals.

In the song, Kehlani promises to be there for someone and protect that person regardless of whatever better offers are out there for them. “They gon’, they gon’ have to come get me / They gon’ have to see about me / To get next to you / They gon’, they gon’ have to call the law / I don’t care what they offer, I’m protecting you,” they boldly sing in the chorus.

In the second verse, Kehlani implores their lover to stick around and not leave them heartbroken. “I’ll tell you all my secrets if you promise to keep us in love (In love, in love) / ‘Cause I need it badder than I needed air to breathe (Oh, oh, oh, no, no) / If you ain’t around to catch me when I’m fallin’,” they sing in the second verse.

In the music video, directed by Cole Santiago and produced by Field Trip Media, Kehlani dances through the song with a team of dancers, but perhaps the most significant part of it was the Palestine flag clearly showcased in different scenes.

“I wanted to make things for once that didn’t feel reminiscent,” Kehlani said of making the song. “For once, I’m not attached to some story or some public thing or some trauma or some deep explanations. As we go out this process and we have to talk to each other a bunch to all these people, I have nothing but joyful things to say to you.”

“Next 2 U” follows the release of her smash summer anthem “After Hours,” off her highly anticipated fourth studio album, CRASH, arriving June 21.