Jung Kook – Never Let Go 

With BTS still on hiatus, fans are treasuring these solo releases that come from any member of the boy band, and the latest one from Jung Kook, “Never Let Go,” is said to be a message of thanks to fans for the enduring love they keep giving.

I feel like “Never Let Go” is one of those songs we need to aid us in the transitioning process to attain the full-time summer mood. It’s happy, it’s got glittering beats and charming vocals, and it’s the kind of bop you can just rock around to even if you don’t know any fancy dance moves.

The song is about loving someone so completely that you revel in the way they make you feel. “Oh, every day, I wonder if this all is just a dream / Everything falls into place ’cause you’re right here with me / Without your love, I’m nothing / You mean more than you know / And words escape me whenever you’re close,” he sings, with the house beat and catchy synthesizer wonderfully blending with his calm vocals to give it a kind of seductive edge.

In the chorus, he uses repetitive lines to convey the strength of his attachment, as he sings “Never let go, go, go, go, go, go” on and on. In the second verse, he continues exalting the level of love his lover has inspired in him, as he sings, “Every town I’m in, you’re the one I’m with / With me from the start / Always the best part of my day / Being who you are, being who you are in the dark / You were the light that led me to you.” “Never Let Go” serves as another All-English effort from the “Seven” hitmaker.

The single officially kicked off BTS’ annual FESTA celebration and marks Jung Kook’s first single since his 2023 solo album GOLDEN. This year’s FESTA celebration will reportedly feature a live stream of old BTS concerts in addition to an in-person event where Jin will greet and hug the fans face to face. This year will also see BTS celebrate the 11th anniversary of their debut in 2013.

Jung Kook and his fellow BTS members, Jin, RM, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, and V, are currently serving mandatory 18-month military enlistment, which requires all able-bodied men to serve before they clock their 28th year. While there was a campaign to wave this for BTS due to their global impact, the band later announced their decision to enlist and serve. Since then, several members have released solo projects. However, come 2025, the members are expected to make a glorious return as BTS.