Fred again.., Anderson .Paak & CHIKA – places to be

Fred again.. has struck gold once more with his latest single “places to be,” a vibrant collaboration with the multitalented Anderson .Paak and the rising star CHIKA. This track is a testament to Fred’s ability to blend diverse musical influences and create something uniquely exhilarating. The track is a headlong rush of electronic beats, infused with elements of house, techno, and hip-hop, showcasing the seamless synergy between Fred’s production prowess and the charismatic performances of his collaborators.

“places to be” kicks off with an immediate sense of urgency, propelled by big, melodic synth-washes and a driving techno beat that feels like a call to the dance floor. Fred again.., known for his innovative approach to electronic music, bends club tropes to his whims, creating an effervescent bounce that is both infectious and invigorating. The production on this track nods to the iconic Andre 3000 beat on “Millionaire,” yet it stands on its own as a modern club anthem.

Anderson .Paak, with his smooth rapping and larger-than-life personality, takes center stage, delivering ebullient verses that perfectly complement the track’s high-energy vibe. His contribution is nothing short of stellar, bringing a playful yet commanding presence that elevates the song. Paak’s verses are delivered with his signature flair, weaving through the beats with ease and adding layers of depth and charisma to the track.

The inclusion of CHIKA’s work is a masterstroke. The track samples her poem “Intimacy,” originally released on SoundCloud in 2017, adding a poignant and introspective layer to the upbeat rhythm. CHIKA’s heavy-duty sample blends seamlessly with the electronic elements, creating a fusion that feels both innovative and deeply resonant. Her poetic contribution grounds the track, providing a contrast that highlights the thematic exploration of connection and presence.

Fred again.. has a knack for creating music that feels both immediate and timeless, and “places to be” is no exception. The song was initially put together by Fred and his brother in 2018 and played at a Boiler Room event in 2019. Rediscovering the track while working on his album, Fred realized it was a perfect fit for his current project. This sense of rediscovery and recontextualization adds an extra layer of depth to the track, reflecting the evolving nature of Fred’s musical journey.

The track also features co-production credits from Skrillex and Boo, adding their unique touches to the already rich soundscape. Skrillex’s influence is apparent in the track’s robust and polished production, while Boo’s contributions help to weave together the various elements into a cohesive whole. This collaborative effort results in a track that feels both expansive and finely tuned, a testament to the combined talents of all involved.

Fred again.. is currently riding a significant wave of success, with “places to be” following the recent release of “stay in it,” a collaboration with Lil Yachty and Overmono. He’s set to headline Bonaroo and embark on a global tour, including a sold-out show with Skrillex at the Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco. This track, with its infectious energy and stellar collaborations, is sure to be a highlight of his live sets.

“places to be” is a masterful blend of electronic innovation, hip-hop swagger, and poetic introspection. It’s a track that invites listeners to lose themselves on the dance floor while also offering moments of reflection. Fred again.., Anderson .Paak, and CHIKA have crafted a song that is as dynamic as it is memorable, solidifying its place as a standout summer anthem. This track not only showcases Fred’s unparalleled production skills but also his ability to create music that resonates on multiple levels, making it an essential addition to any playlist.