Ella Henderson x Switch Disco – Under the Sun (with Alok)

Ella Henderson’s new single “Under The Sun” with Switch Disco and Alok has all of the ingredients needed to be a song of the summer. It has a catchy hook, references summer imagery, and gives listeners a euphoric escapism.

Released on May 30, “Under The Sun” follows Henderson’s previous 2024 drops, “Alibi” with Rudimental and “Mamma You Were Right.” Switch Disco and Alok are also coming off recent releases. This past February, Switch Disco collaborated with R3HAB and Sam Feldt on “Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life),” and Alok released “Seek Love (On The Beach)” in April with Tazi, Samuele Sartini, and Amanda Wilson.

Henderson and Switch Disco have collaborated before on the song “React,” but “Under The Sun” marks the first time the three acts have worked together on the same project. Because they are no strangers to being hitmakers, let alone summer hitmakers, it makes sense that a summer bop is the result.

“Under The Sun” features a high-energy electronic production with a repetitive percussion beat. The familiarity of the production works as both a highlight and a pitfall for the song. On the one hand, listeners will immediately think of summer when the song plays, but as a downside, the production does not offer anything unique and could get lost in the shuffle when compared to other house music.

Henderson’s vocals shine on “Under The Sun,” particularly when she belts out the song’s chorus, “I need one last time under the sun / I need one last time before we run / Wherever we go, whatever we do / I just wanna stay forever with you / I need one last time before we run / Let’s fall in love under the sun.”

Lyrically, “Under The Sun” explores a common summer theme, summer love, with imagery of another summer theme, the beach. The romance sung about in “Under The Sun” is fleeting and based on locking eyes while dancing, but it pushes the carefree theme of summer.

Ocean eyes, my escape, my sweet paradise / We collide like a wave crashin’ through my mind / You got me right where you want me, body to body / Now we’re dancing barefoot on the sand / Put your hand on my heartbeat, sweat dripping on me / Baby, we can do it all again,” Henderson sings in the single.

There is not an official music video for “Under The Sun,” but the single’s lyric video gets the song’s message across with its orange and yellow-toned overlay. As the lyrics play onscreen, the lyric video shows different scenes of Henderson, Switch Disco, and Alok performing in front of large crowds.

Even though there is nothing musically groundbreaking in “Under the Sun,” the song effectively kicks off the summer as a carefree bop.