Photo: Amir Hossain

Dylan – Perfect Revenge

Hot on the heels of her massive UK tour, including a memorable evening at London’s Eventim Apollo, Dylan is back once more with her latest offering “Perfect Revenge.” It’s been an incredible 12 months for the singer-songwriter, with her debut mixtape The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn smashing into the upper echelons of the charts, and now she’s making some pristine pop moves, letting the world know all eyes should be on her as if they weren’t already.

Following on from the rocky essence of “Rebel Child” and the dreamy synth-laden “The Alibi,” “Perfect Revenge” showcases Dylan at her most precocious. The track, which hints at how satisfying it can be not being the bigger person, brings out her knack for delivering sharp, tongue-in-cheek lyrics in full force.

This is the perfect revenge, you can’t have anyone else,” she sings at the start of the chorus. “It’s you and I till the end, one day, you’ll see it / This is the perfect revenge, I’d run around in your head / Leave lipstick stains in your bed, better believe it.

Penned in LA with regular frequent collaborators Mati Schwarz and Vera Carlbom whilst on tour with Ed Sheeran, the pop anthem sees Dylan play upon obsession, focusing on wanting something she can’t have, and how that can sometimes manifest into doing anything to get somebody’s attention. “I understand that there is power in being the bigger person and that the best revenge is to have enough self-worth to not seek it,” Dylan notes in a press release. “But sometimes that is not always the answer,” she adds. “My perfect revenge is releasing a song called ‘Perfect Revenge’. I am hoping the person the song is about will hear it everywhere they go, making me completely inescapable. You can run, but you can’t hide!”

Having started 2024 with the world at her feet, “Perfect Revenge” further cements Dylan as a force to be reckoned with. It finds the London pop force finding confidence in every aspect of being human as she sings about things that are considered to be negative, somewhat redefining them to be positive, over the top of a funky beat. Alongside the release, which comes just in time for festival season, Dylan will be performing at Louis Tomlinson’s The Away From Home Festival this weekend on the Mexican coast and we’re hoping “Perfect Revenge” makes the setlist.