Disclosure – She’s Gone, Dance On

Disclosure’s latest single, “She’s Gone, Dance On,” is set to dominate dance floors this summer. This high-energy track, infused with a sample from Ennio Morricone’s 1978 composition “Dance On,” is a pulsating homage to the legendary Italian composer. Originally featured in the film Così Come Se, Morricone’s track adds a nostalgic yet vibrant layer to Disclosure’s modern electronic beats.

The British electronic duo, consisting of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, first introduced “She’s Gone, Dance On” during a pop-up show in Los Angeles last October. The track quickly gained traction, causing a stir when it premiered on BBC Radio 1. This infectious single has since gone viral, captivating audiences worldwide with its dynamic energy and catchy lyrics.

The song’s core message, conveyed through the sampled lyrics, “In time, she’ll find / This was so kind / So long, dance on / She’s gone, dance on,” encapsulates a sense of liberation and moving forward. It’s a track that encourages listeners to dance away their sorrows and fully embrace the present moment. The synergy between Morricone’s timeless melody and Disclosure’s signature house beats creates a unique, nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary sound.

“She’s Gone, Dance On” showcases Disclosure’s ability to blend different musical eras seamlessly. The track’s bright, pulsing beat and uplifting vibe make it an ideal summer anthem. The duo’s decision to incorporate Morricone’s work not only pays tribute to the late composer but also introduces his genius to a new generation of listeners.

The song’s journey to official release was marked by its widespread play among renowned DJs. Figures like Todd Edwards, Joy Anonymous, salute, DJ Seinfeld, Peggy Gou, and Sammy Virji have all featured the track in their sets. Notably, Dom Dolla’s Coachella set included the track, and clips of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dancing to it quickly circulated on social media, further boosting its popularity.

Disclosure’s timing for the official release of “She’s Gone, Dance On” couldn’t be more perfect. The track drops just before their highly anticipated set at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, followed by performances at major festivals like Parklife, Glastonbury, HARD in LA, and Portola in San Francisco. The duo’s energetic stage presence and this electrifying new single are sure to make waves at these events.

The brothers’ previous album, Alchemy, released in 2023, showcased their ability to explore new musical territories while maintaining their core sound. NME praised the album for its diverse range and creative freedom. With “She’s Gone, Dance On,” Disclosure continues to push boundaries and experiment with their music, delivering a track that is both innovative and true to their style.

“She’s Gone, Dance On” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Disclosure’s mastery in creating dance anthems that resonate with audiences. The infectious energy, combined with the nostalgic charm of Morricone’s sample, makes this track a standout in their discography. It’s a call to the dance floor, a reminder to let go, and an invitation to dance on through life’s ups and downs.

As Disclosure headlines Primavera Sound and continues their festival tour, “She’s Gone, Dance On” is poised to be the soundtrack of unforgettable summer nights. Whether you’re at a massive festival or a small gathering, this track promises to bring the energy and keep you dancing all night long.