Andy Grammer – Without You

Andy Grammer, the pop singer-songwriter known for his catchy but empowering anthems, has released yet another deep track titled “Without You” under S-Curve Records.

Grammer pulls you in from the very beginning with the guitar-piano and drum-filled melody with its compelling lyrics.

“I didn’t know my mouth / could ever make this sound / so weird to say out loud / I think I’d be better without you / the walls are coming down / I’m reaching higher now / so weird to say out loud / I think I’d be better off without you,” he belts in the chilling pre-chorus.

The track that praises self-empowerment and the courage to choose yourself was co-written by Grammer and Grammy and Oscar-nominated songwriter Sam Ashworth (known for his writing credits with H.E.R. and Leslie Odom Jr.).

The chorus then follows, “That I could be happy, happier now/ finally figuring out/ that I’d be better with, better without you/ that I could be happy, happier now/ finally figuring out/ That I’d be better with, better without you.”

Sometimes the best decision is to choose yourself despite how much it hurts to cut that person out. Truthfully, toxic people do not deserve your time or a place in your life. Self-peace over destruction always.

The song can also be interpreted as breaking free from the anxiety and fear of what is holding you back. You, the listener will feel much better breaking free from those insecurities. You are much stronger and wiser than you think. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the press release, Grammer said: “‘Without You’ is a heartfelt anthem for anyone who’s had to make a tough decision to better their life. It’s about courage and self-belief.”

The artist is known for his optimistic songs about life but of course, when he gets a little darker in his songwriting it’s just done so incredibly well. It hits you right in the heart. It’s brutal in all the ways and that’s why he’s so great connecting with his listeners and fans.

Andy Grammer’s music and perspective are such a poignant reminder of humanity. Sometimes you must sit with your feelings and embrace the good and bad moments.

The release of the single also marks the announcement of his “Greater Than: A One Man Show” tour kicking off in September which will be nights filled with poetry, songs, and storytelling. You can find tour dates here.