Leigh-Anne – No Hard Feelings


In No Hard Feelings, Leigh-Anne is full of joy and introspective energy as she discovers the meaning of love and learns to let go of our fantasies regarding what love is and isn’t.

This is the UK singer-songwriter’s debut EP and she created it with notable writers who have worked with artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, SZA, Normani, and others. This is a pure sign that Leigh-Anne is ready to join the big names as a soloist, and while she achieved a lot of beautiful things as one quarter of Little Mix, she’s ready to keep pushing the boundaries of her creativity.

The 5-track EP was preceded by the singles “Stealin’ Love” and “Forbidden Fruit,” both of which serve as the first and second track on the EP.

“OMG” is the first taste of new material from the singer on the EP, and it will likely have you hitting repeat everytime it gets close to the end. When you’re finally out of the enchanting waters that is “OMG,” the groove-worthy “Anticipate” follows, describing a scenario where you need a lover every single moment, but it seems as if the lover is knowingly prolonging your agony so that you can “anticipate.”

In the first verse, she sings, “Your car is in the driveway / I been runnin’ through my feelin’ all day / ‘Cause you know I miss you in the worst way / ‘Specially with all the memories we just made.” 

The chorus has a memorable rhythm to it that just gets stuck in your head after one or two listens, “Is kissin’ you, lovin’ you, touchin’ you / I wanna kiss on you, love on you, touch on you / You wanna kiss on you, love on you, touch on you / That’s the only thing better than missin’ you.” I can’t put my finger on it but when she sings certain lines of the song, something in my head tells me this samples another song I’ve heard before, but I never quite grasp it.

“I’ll Still Be Here” will have you singing along with it before your first listen is over. There’s something about the lines “I’ll still be here, I’m still breathing / I’ll still be here, I’m not leaving” that’s thoroughly satisfying when you’re singing it with her.

Speaking on the record, she says, “Hey guys! Welcome to my space for ‘No Hard Feelings’ I’ve created this space for you – my legion – to discover more about this project together. This collection of music is so special to me. I want to bring you along on this journey with me and be as open & honest with you as much as I can be so make sure you check back regularly to discover more secrets, easter eggs & exclusives that will be added very soon. I love you guys so much!”

First of all, Leigh-Anne brought her vocal A-game to No Hard Feelings. I also admire how she made each song bring its own style, energy, and message. The only thing that would have made this EP better was if she added one or two songs so that it didn’t feel like she left me hanging.