Meghan Trainor – Timeless


Meghan Trainor’s fifth studio album Timeless is full of bops and confidence-boosting anthems. Prior to its release on June 7, Trainor released singles “Been Like This” featuring T-Pain, “To The Moon,” and “I Wanna Thank Me” featuring Niecy Nash. She released another single “Whoops” on the day of release, with a music video accompanying it a few days later. If what Trainor set out to accomplish with her new album is to create a record that makes listeners feel like they’re in a safe space, she accomplished that.

The songs are meant to inspire, elevate, and lighten your heart. It’s like a love letter you should learn to write to yourself every once in a while reminding yourself of your strength, your beauty, your resilience, your uniqueness and your talent. I believe this record, like its name, should be Timeless.

Kicking off with “To the Moon,” Trainor sings about her value in a relationship. “The girl of your dreams / Baby that’s me / I’m out of this world,” she sings in the dance-worthy anthem leading off to a pounding beat. She promoted the song with its own choreography and performed it with several stars, along with her dance team. The accompanying music video features her first child with Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara, and of course, Sabara, as she literally makes a grand trip to the moon.

Over the course of her career, Trainor has not only managed to give us earworms and hit singles, but share the beauty that often comes with being confident in your skin, in your career, and in every one of your relationships. From “Dear Future Husband” to “Me Too” and even her most recent runaway single, “Made You Look,” having a Trainor playing on our phones, the radio, or any other device is a sure way to not only dance your heart out but unleash an inner diva, because we all need to feel like a Mariah Carey every once in a while, don’t we?

Trainor’s career hasn’t been without its controversies – for example, she’s been accused of consciously trying to create songs that will be a hit on TikTok – even though I believe there’s way more to her songwriting pattern than that.

In the album, Trainor is confident enough to know when a relationship has run its course, like in “Whoops” – “Whoops, you messed up / Ran around and then you got caught / Whoops, you messed up / Now you cryin’ about what you lost” – and “I Don’t Do Maybe” – “Why you keep callin’ me? / Why you blowin’ up my phone? / Straight up, you buggin’ me / Why won’t you leave my ass alone?”

If there’s an “I Wanna Thank Me” alternative on the album, it’s “Bestie,” a song that sees her chasing away all the unruly thoughts to start appreciating the core power in her. “Yeah, I’ma look at myself like, “Ooh, she cute” / Lovin’ myself like Lucy do / ‘Bout to get high off an ego boost / All the way to the moon,” she sings. She began with “To The Moon,” so of course she was going to end with “Timeless”; a love song about wanting all the good parts of being in love to last forever.

Trainor brings a great and beautiful energy to the album, with her vocals, her lyrics, her aesthetically pleasing music videos, and even her interesting trail of TikTok videos.