Jamie Miller

Jack Alexander
Lucy Thomas

Coming from humble beginnings, Welsh-born star Jamie Miller first got his big break after he posted cover versions of popular songs online. It was particularly his cover of Adele’s “One And Only” that was a game changer as it caught the attention of reality star Khloe Kardashian who shared her appreciation of the song online.

From there, Miller signed a major label deal with Atlantic where he released a bunch of material, including his debut EP, Broken Memories. The opportunities kept flowing as Miller opened up for Jesse McCartney and Calum Scott and also co-wrote Paloma Faith’s 2018 single “Loyal.” During his time with Atlantic, his 2021 ballad “Here’s Your Perfect” was a huge standout, racking up over 500 million streams and becoming his first charting hit around the world.

In 2023, Miller departed from Atlantic and signed a new deal with BMG, where he released his second and most recent EP, The Things I Left Unsaid, in October. Consisting of six tracks, the heartfelt project detailed the pain and hardships he’s overcome from a breakup while believing in himself.

“This is an introduction to the real me,” Miller explained in a press release. “I’m not just a major label pop star. I’m letting people into my life, being vulnerable, and getting into my truth. Some of the songs are uncomfortable for me. I’d ask, ‘Am I being too open here?’ That’s how I knew I needed to keep going. I want everyone to hear the art and the struggle. It’s not picture perfect, but it is honest.”

To promote the EP, Miller supported Eric Nam on his “House On A Hill Tour,” which was shortly followed by his first-ever headlining tour across Europe and North America. In April, he released his latest single “In The Cards.”

As Miller prepares to keep the ball rolling, we caught up with the 26-year-old to find out what’s next and how he felt about the reception of his tour and recent EP.

You recently embarked on your first-ever headline tour. How was the experience?

It was absolutely unreal! Getting to tour around the world and knowing people showed up for me. That in itself was a crazy experience!

Which cities were standouts and why?

Doing a sold-out London show in the UK was amazing because it’s my home country and I’ve never done a show there before! New York City was also another highlight and of course, Los Angeles, which is my second home.

You released your EP, The Things I Left Unsaid, in October last year. How did you feel about the reception?

The reception was incredible, I took a year off from releasing music.. so I was very nervous to come back because I didn’t know what I was coming back to, but it far exceeded any expectations that I had. I just wanted to put out music that I loved and people resonated with.

What was the main thing you wanted listeners to take away from it?

The whole project was about healing through heartbreak, so I just hope people understand that it gets better even though it seems so dark at points in life.

You recently collaborated with RIKA on the song “Long Shot” earlier this year. Who is the next artist you’re manifesting to collaborate with that you believe would go down well?

I would love to do a country collaboration with Kelsea Ballerini or Jelly Roll! I’m a huge fan of country and in particular, those artists. Shooting for the stars but I’m also going to say Morgan Wallen.

“In The Cards” arrives as your latest single. What inspired the song? It’s definitely an emotional number. 

I’m a heartbreak boy at heart, what can I say? It’s about falling for someone you can never have and I think that’s the worst kind of pain… just knowing if there are certain parts about you that are different, maybe it would be perfect for them. 

Are these songs leading up to another project? And what can you tell us about it?

YES!!! I’m currently working on my debut album! I can reveal that it is coming out just after summer!

You’ve received a lot of acclaim from many well-known faces. Which one in particular stands out to you?

Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes! They are three people that I think are just incredible.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2024?

You’ll have to wait and see. But definitely more music, more shows, and making sure that I’m living life to the fullest.