Stray Kids – Lose My Breath (feat. Charlie Puth)

Stray Kids and Charlie Puth are ready to make you lose your breath with latest single “Lose My Breath,” which, ironically, is about how someone made them lose their breaths. It’s basically clear that Stray Kids mean to be the dominating k-pop act of the year with their singles streak and adventurous music videos.

For their latest single, the eight-boy group recruited American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth for their first ever collab. In case you don’t know Puth, he’s the one Taylor Swift declared should be the bigger artist (sorry, I honestly couldn’t resist).

Okay so, while this single doesn’t exactly capture the summer vibes for me to like put it in the same box as summer songs, it’s so dance worthy that we might actually want to dance along to it whenever we’re in the mood for having a good time. Upside, it’s danceable. Downside, it’s just danceable. It’s not even catchy or memorable. For a song featuring two talented and successful music acts, it didn’t exactly deliver. For one, fans didn’t think it was a Stray Kids song, and I’m sorry, but it isn’t a Charlie Puth one either.

“It only took me a moment / And now I’m imprisoned to your touch (Woah) / I don’t know where it’s going now / But I know I need your love,” Stray Kids’ Bang Chan sings in the opening verse, with Charlie Puth coming in on the chorus singing, “Ah, I lose my breath when you’re walkin’ in / ‘Cause when our eyes lock, it’s like my heart stops / Ah, I lose my breath when you’re walkin’ in / You make my knees drop, it’s like I’m in shock.”

A few days after the dance-pop track dropped, Stray Kids followed it up with two different Stray Kids version of the song. The accompanying music video sees the boys throw down some choreographed moves, but it was just splattered here and there and didn’t do much to add depth to the video. However, one thing was a constant, and it’s the water that seems to follow them everywhere they go, though any viewer can choose to translate its presence any way they choose to.