Sofi Tukker – Throw Some Ass

SOFI TUKKER, the unstoppable electronic music duo, are back with a sizzling new single, “Throw Some Ass,” that’s poised to set dancefloors ablaze. With the announcement of their upcoming third studio album, aptly titled BREAD (Be Really Energetic And Dance), Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern are serving up a tantalizing preview of what’s to come with their latest track.

Straight out of the oven of their creative minds, “Throw Some Ass” is like a freshly baked loaf of bread—warm, satisfying, and impossible to resist. The song is a bold fusion of Brazilian tropicalia drum beats, vibrant piano melodies, and infectious guitar riffs, all coming together to create an irresistible groove that demands movement.

But “Throw Some Ass” isn’t just about the music—it’s about the experience. Inspired by their travels through Brazil, the duo infuses the track with the pulsating energy of Carnaval, capturing the spirit of late-night revelry and uninhibited joy. The lyrics, delivered with playful cheekiness, invite listeners to shed their inhibitions and embrace the freedom of dance.

The music video for “Throw Some Ass” takes the song’s playful energy to the next level, featuring bread weights, bread clothing, and a whole lot of bread-themed fun. It’s a visual feast that perfectly complements the infectious rhythm of the song, leaving viewers hungry for more.

But beyond the catchy beats and playful lyrics, there’s a deeper message at the heart of “Throw Some Ass.” Sophie Hawley-Weld’s experience with chronic back pain inspired the song, serving as a reminder of the transformative power of music and movement. As she explains, “When I told my body that it’s safe and free, I was able to re-write the neural pathway. I was so mentally happy and free in the moments of throwing ass that my brain re-wired itself.”

In essence, “Throw Some Ass” is more than just a song—it’s a celebration of life, freedom, and the healing power of music. With its infectious energy and irresistible groove, it’s a track that’s sure to become a staple of dance floors everywhere.

As we eagerly await the release of BREAD on August 23rd, “Throw Some Ass” sets the bar high for what’s to come. With its bold sound, infectious rhythm, and playful spirit, it’s a song that’s impossible to resist—and one that’s sure to leave listeners hungry for more. So go ahead, turn up the volume, and throw some ass—it’s time to dance like there’s no tomorrow.