Post Malone – I Had Some Help (feat. Morgan Wallen)

Post Malone’s “I Had Some Help” collab with Morgan Wallen is the stuff country music is made of. It’s upbeat with the right amount of funk to appeal to everybody, regardless of whether country is their genre of preference or not. But is there any artist that’s having a more fantastic year than Post Malone? I mean, he’s the only who can claim to have collaborated with the Queens Beyoncé and Taylor Swift in the same year. Wait, and now he’s going country too? I can’t fail to see the irony in all this. Beyoncé is a popstar who went country and Taylor Swift is a country music star who became a popstar, and now… Sorry, that math is too expensive.

“I Had Some Help” serves as the lead single from Post Malone’s upcoming album, which will reportedly be a country project. The song was first previewed on March 20, 2024, through social media after a different snippet with some mixing faults leaked online. Ahead of its release, Wallen brought Malone out to perform the song with him for the first time at the Stagecoach festival in Indio, California.

“I Had Some Help” sees Post Malone and Wallen taking turns to deny that the reason their relationships crashed was solely because of something they did or did not do. “You got a lotta nerve, don’t you, baby? / I only hit the curb ’cause you made me / You’re tellin’ all your friends that I’m crazy / Like I’m the only one,” Post Malone sings in the first verse, with Wallen adding in the second verse, “You thought I’d take the blame for us a-crumbling / Go ’round like you ain’t guilty of somethin’ / Already lost the game that you been runnin’ / Guess it’s catchin’ up to you, huh.”

The song is accompanied by a music video that sees Post Malone wander into a bar and make a mess because he and his girl had a little tiff on the phone prior to his entrance. He gets thrown out and is lying on the ground when Wallen finds him, walks up to him and offers him a hand to get up. In the end, they decide to go with the pretty ladies in a truck who are inviting them to come in.

Post Malone is turning out to be the newest genre-chameleon on the block, and while fans naturally resist such changes, the “Rockstar” hitmaker’s fans were all for the new era. Guess he did it right.