Mabel – Look at My Body Pt. II (feat. Shygirl)

Have you ever seen Mabel as saucy as she is on her latest single “Look at My Body Pt. II” – her collab with UK rapper Shygirl? No, I doubt that.

She teased the collaboration with a video of her and Shygirl in what appears to be a grocery store. They take turns making weird signs and rocking their breasts at the camera, with Mabel captioning the clip, “SHYGIRL and I are ready to disturb some ppl.” She also teased a snippet from the music video with scenes featuring different things from her deliciously looking behind, to her taking a bite from a red apple, her very red lips, Shygirl taking off her glasses, and more.

If you thought the song was sexy, just watch the music video. And if you thought the music video was sexy just take a moment to analyze the song’s lyrics. In fact, why don’t we do it right now?

Look at my body, look at my body / Look at my body, look at my body / Look at my body, look at my body,” she repeats in the intro, enough to just make sure it gets stuck in your head.

I don’t really know what you want from me / But I felt eyes turn when I turned nineteen / Have you been nineteen, no self-esteem? / Execs telling me to suck it,” she sings about how people can’t seem to decide what they want from her. Do they want the “girl next door or the bedroom freak?” Do they want her strong or weak? She’d like to know. But I guess the beauty of the song is the way she took control of the narrative, like okay, her body’s on display and you can keep watching it while she’s making money.

Shygirl takes over the second verse, rapping, “You can tell me what you think of mе / But I know you see what you want to see /Your eyes on me, on minе, on me / But you don’t touch my body.”

The music video sees her put herself on display in different ways, from being the muse for some painters to being a giant dancing figure. Just in case you’re wondering, no, “Look at My Body Pt. I” is yet to be released.