Leigh-Anne – Forbidden Fruit

Leigh-Anne is literally blowing the minds of fans with her latest streak of singles, and “Forbidden Fruit” is no different. The song continues this plot that Leigh-Anne started with her song “Stealin’ Love” and fills out with every new release of how love isn’t always, or is never this perfect little thing. There are the high points, but there’s also the crash and burn. But the low points don’t mean that it isn’t love anymore.

“Stealin’ Love” introduces us to this narrative that love can sting, and in “Forbidden Fruit,” she sings about what it’s like seeing someone and falling for them whether your head agrees with the choice or not.

The way I’m lookin’ at you / Wrong or right, I’ma choose / Forbidden, Forbidden fruit / And I’m not playin’ it safe,” she sings in the first verse of the reggae-influenced song, describing what it’s like feeling that first spark for someone.

The passionate lyrics are brought to life with her sultry singing style and a mesmerizing beat that leans into her love of reggae music. Speaking on the track, she says: “I wrote ‘Forbidden Fruit’ at a writing camp in Miami, and it’s actually about how André and I met. This one gives me sweaty, sultry, reggae dance vibes. The way the beat drops makes me so excited to bring this one to the stage.”

Leigh-Anne penned the song alongside J Kash and Nija, with Albert Hype handling the production. “Forbidden Fruit” and “Stealin’ Love” belong to a collection of songs that will reportedly showcase the range and artistic prowess that Leigh-Anne has dutifully mastered over the years in the spotlight as one-quarter of the UK group Little Mix before embarking on her solo journey.

The accompanying music video kicks off with a monologue, where she describes the song’s message, saying, “It’s about when something feels so right but so wrong, and knowing what you’re doing is gonna hurt people, but at the same time if you don’t, you’re literally not following your heart. It was one of those situations. If we don’t do this then we’re probably gonna regret it for the rest of our lives. It ended up being a beautiful love story.”

In the black-and-white music video, Leigh-Anne kind of uses dance to convey the song’s deeply passionate lines, as flexible dancers whine and flex around her. The male character is introduced towards the end of the video and yet Leigh-Anne made sure there was enough sizzle between her and her partner in that brief period to get the message across to fans.