Photo: Abby Waisler

Gracie Abrams – Risk 

Gracie Abrams is gearing up to release her second studio album The Secret of Us and the lead single “Risk” is here to pave the way for that. The song is about being obsessed with this person you happened to just meet, and even though you don’t know whether they’ll be good for you or not, all you want to do is find out.

In the first verse, she details her obsession with this person singing, “Look at me now / Said I wouldn’t do it, but I hunted you down / Know you had a girl, but it didn’t work out / Know you bought a house, but you had to move out, and I’m not proud / Guess I’m just scared of you shootin’ it down.”

The upbeat nature of the song kind of finely supports the anxiety naturally present in the song’s lyrics, and while it’s not a happy track, it’s not a sad track either. So I guess it’s cool that we can rock away all the anxieties from our bodies.

Abrams released the song on May 1 through her record label Interscope Records. She wrote the song with Audrey Hobert and produced it with her frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner. Since its release, it seems the song has found a home with countless fans and they’re ready to sing, dance, and create with it anyhow they feel inspired.

I wouldn’t say it sounds like Olivia Rodrigo, no, but it does employ the same tactic of stretching certain emotions to their extreme and the kind of manic songwriting that makes Rodrigo the incredible singer-songwriter that she is today.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the song, Abrams told Spin: “[“Risk” is inspired by] the mania before you actually even know someone, where you get it all sick and twisted in your head and feel like you have a fever and can’t control your body and mind.”

While this is just the beginning journey to unveiling her upcoming studio album – she’ll be performing “Risk” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 8, 2024 – fans are already convinced that this new era will be one to watch.

Abrams kept up with the song’s manic energy in its accompanying music video. The video sees the star go through these heightened emotions because she can’t stop thinking about someone, and hey, she did wreck a surprise party that was planned just for her. Yup, blew out the candle and stepped right on the cake.

If you can relate to desperation, this song may just be your newest theme song.