Chris Stapleton & Dua Lipa – Think I’m In Love With You (Live From the 59th ACM Awards)

Who could have predicted that Chris Stapleton and Dua Lipa would sing together on a song? Well, it happened and we first got a taste of their collaboration at the 59th ACM Awards. The performance turned out to be one of the biggest surprises of the night, and on Monday (May 20), they released the live version of the track called, “Think I’m In Love With You (With Dua Lipa) (Live From the 59th ACM Awards),” and it’s available on all streaming platforms.

The collab is a song about falling for someone and only just realizing it after a certain amount of time has passed. Lipa kicks off the song, singing, “I know our love feels real / From all the ways we always make each other feel / All this time we’ve been apart / Perhaps we needed time to listen to our hearts.” Throughout the Stapleton-penned track, Lipa and the country music star go back and forth sharing tender moments and wondering if they’ll ever get to the moment where they live it again.

According to Lipa, the collaboration came to be because she’s a massive fan of his and originally reached out to him on the topic of collaborating. “He’s a master of his craft, and I’ve just been a fan of his for so long, and I’ve had the opportunity to just sit down and brainstorm ideas on how we can reimagine the song for tonight, and bring something really special and unique…it’s one of those moments in my life where I’m so happy to be a musician and be creating something and doing something that feels so exciting.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Stapleton admitted that while the song has been in the works for a while, they only got together a few days ago to practice for the ACM Awards performance.

“I think she threw herself into the mix,” Stapleton told Entertainment Tonight. “We got on the phone and talked about it and worked on it a little bit. We really only kind of put together what we did like two days ago… It was kind of a whirlwind of a thing to do — but it was awesome.”

Apart from premiering the song on the stage of the ACM Awards, the event was also a special one for Stapleton who took home the Album of the Year award for Higher, marking his fourth win in the category.

On Lipa’s side, she’s still probably cruising the massive success of her latest album, Radical Optimism.