Charlie Puth – Hero 

Charlie Puth is ready to be the bigger artist that Taylor Swift declared him to be and “Hero” is the first sign of that. Self-produced and written by Puth, John Byron, Jack Rochon, and longtime collaborator JKash, “Hero” was a song that the multi-platinum artist was initially skeptical to release. That is, until someone sent him a sign.

In response to the Swift lyric – “Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist” – that’s been making the rounds on the internet, Puth, who initially thought it was an AI-generated joke, told Rolling Stone, “I think I should be. But to me, (if I’m) a bigger artist, I get to inspire more of my fans and people around the world to pick up an instrument. I’d love to be a bigger artist to inspire other people to be bigger artists.”

Describing a person who’s not only toxic to others but to themself as well, Puth sings, “My blood pressure elevates / When I call you out for bein’ fake / And I don’t want to be mean / But I’m not gonna shut up instead.” This person’s behavior keeps driving people away from them, and Puth simply doesn’t know how to offer help.

I don’t need a hero, I don’t want to be saved,” Puth sings in the emotional chorus, describing a scenario where the person you want to help doesn’t want/need your help. There’s a rawness to the song that’s not often seen in Puth’s releases, and the stripped-down production was certainly something Puth had to think twice about. According to the singer, the guitar we hear on the song was recorded with an iPhone.

“My new song ‘Hero’ is about when you see someone you love hurting themselves, ruining the things in their life that are good, but you just can’t save them. It’s one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write, but I wrote it hoping that you’ve gone through something similar in your life, and that it can fill in the BLANK for you like it did for me. I’m very excited to share my next album with you, especially this song because it’s a great representation of what’s to come. I’ve never put out a song like this before- it’s very different for me, but I want to thank Taylor Swift for letting me know musically that I just couldn’t keep this on my hard drive any longer.”

In another post shared on TikTok, Puth confirmed that “Hero” serves as the first single from his upcoming fourth studio album.