Charli XCX – 360 

Who else is enjoying the new Charli XCX era as we are?

Charli XCX’s latest single “360” is a banger on so many levels, and the level of careless energy it possesses is enough to leave any listener feeling a little bit bratty once they’re done listening to it, and that’s okay. The album that spun off the single is named BRAT after all. With each new release, Charli XCX further solidifies her status as the creator and director of hyperpop. In fact I don’t think anything should happen in the hyperpop kingdom without her say so. As for her importance and contributions to the genre and music in general, Charli XCX knows all too well, and she’s not being modest about it.

“I went my own way and I made it / I’m your favorite reference, baby / Call me Gabbriette, you’re so inspired,” she sings in the first verse, elevating her accomplishments in a way that doesn’t feel boastful when equated with said accomplishments. “I’m tectonic, moves, I make ’em / Shock you like defibrillators / No style, I can’t relate / I’ll always be the one, ah.”

And in case you think she can’t shock you, she matches the confidence-boosting anthem with a careless video that sees her on top of a – should I say a dying man on his deathbed? Should I even talk about vibrating with a glass of wine?

When you’re in the mirror, do you like what you see?” she asks, and then answers in the next line, “When you’re in the mirror, you’re just looking at me.”

This line, “I’m everywhere, I’m so Julia,” kinda means more now that I discovered that Julia Fox was in the music video. Speaking of the music video, Charli XCX gathered some of the most famous faces on the Internet for it. I’m talking about Rachel Sennott, Hari Nef, Gabbriette, Alex Consani, Emma Chamberlain, and of course the aforementioned Julia Fox.

The video opens as Charli XCX walks in to record a song and finds out that she can’t do that unless she fulfills a prophecy and finds the next “internet hot girl.” To wrap things up just so she could start working on her song, she chooses someone from the committee, but that someone turns out to be literally Julia Fox. At the end of the day, she picks the waiter to fill the position.

There are more than a few funny lines in the video like when Euphoria’s Chloe Cherry asserts that their “kind will cease to exist” if they cannot find the next “internet hot girl.”