Carly Pearce – fault line

Carly Pearce’s latest single “fault line” is a masterclass on how to do old country right: the storytelling, the strumming, and the overall vibe just scream nostalgia.

The song tells the story of a relationship that’s ripping apart and there’s very little that can save it. “You get drunk, I do too / We got bills overdue / You blame me, I blame you / Here we go again,” she sings in the first verse.

The song is beautiful in that there are little stories inside the big one, like when she sings, “You get mad, you go fish / I get mad, break a dish / I turn into the bitch / That you say I am.” In another part of the song, she admits that the fault in their relationship might actually come from her; “I just look at you wrong / You say I’m just like my mom / Point your finger and it’s on.”

Speaking on her creative process, she called the song “my little ode to the era of country music that made me fall in love with it. When I was little, my grandpa bought me album sets from every decade of country music and told me to study it. I fell in love with the early sounds & wrote this song as if I was an artist living in that time. I can’t help but hear Tammy & George singing it in my head.”

She succeeded in her plan to make a song that sounds like old country because her fans can’t get enough of how uncannily it sounds like traditional country music or the amount of nostalgia “fault line” freely gives.

Perhaps the reason Pearce was able to make the song sound like something from one of those very old country albums is because she’s a fan of those very old country albums. “Some of my favorite songs were in the era of Tammy Wynette and George Jones,” she said, adding, “fault line’ is my take on writing one of those classic, ‘I’m gonna rip your head off’ country songs. The playful angst in this song makes it one of my favorite moments on the record.”

“fault lines” is the sixth song to be teased from her forthcoming studio album hummingbird – arriving on June 7. The previously released singles include “country music made me do it,” “hummingbird,” “heels over head,” “my place,” and “we don’t fight anymore.” Pearce has one feature on the album and it’s with fellow country music star Chris Stapleton.