Bebe Rexha – Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)

Bebe Rexha is branching further into dance music with “Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)” and fans are flipping. The high-energy track marks a fresh era, and perhaps a fresh start – the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter split from boyfriend Keyan Safyari last year – for Rexha.

I’ve been on a ride, babe / Living on the sideways / Living on a wave that I can’t describe / I do things my way,” Rexha sings on the first verse of the song, detailing her confidence level and the carefree nature she adopts to cruise through life. In real life, Rexha really wants to dance and have fun.

“I went through a breakup and I think taking a break for me would’ve been too much,” the 34-year-old musician told PEOPLE. “I just kind of threw myself into music because it’s the only thing that really helps me.”

After the success of her 2023 banger with David Guetta “I’m Good,” Rexha decided to explore the dance music side of her creativity and employed the creative minds of co-writer Aluna and producer Chris Lake to make her latest single “Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da).” The song comes less than a year after she released her studio album, Bebe.

Speaking to PEOPLE on the message behind the lyrics, she explained, “Everybody wants to be in love, but I haven’t been chasing that. I’m kind of focusing on myself, and it’s really freeing and fun. And it’s kind of like, ‘So if you want this, then come chase it because I’m not chasing it right now.”

“And then I say, ‘Well, but I won’t leave alone tonight,’ and it’s kind of cocky in a way,” Rexha added, “because I know you’re going to end up coming to me at the club or wherever we are, and I won’t go home alone tonight.”

So basically this song is for all the girls – and some guys – who know what they’re worth and are not ready to “chase it.” If you ask me, this summer is going to be an interesting one because Sabrina Carpenter’s “gives a fuck are on vacation” and Rexha is not ready to “chase it” because it’s going to come to her either way. I’m really feeling this energy.

“Chase It (Mmm Da Da Da)’s” accompanying music video sees Rexha throw down some moves with the help of her backup dancers. The confidence of the song was wonderfully explored in the music video, with Rexha looking timeless in futuristic outfits. The cars were a nice touch, because hey, the song is called “Chase It.”