Amy Allen – girl with a problem

Singer-songwriter Amy Allen has proven time and time again that she understands how to write a compelling and fresh pop hit, and she’s done it again with her latest single “girl with a problem.” Since her last solo EP AWW! was released in 2021, Allen had an incredibly successful few years working on tracks like Tate McRae’s viral single “greedy,” Olivia Rodrigo’s “pretty isn’t pretty” from GUTS, and her most recent work with Sabrina Carpenter’s single “Espresso.” But unlike those tracks, “girl with a problem” is a stripped-back indie song that relies on her guitar and gentle vocals to paint a vivid story. 


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In an Instagram post about the new single, Allen explained that she started writing the song a year and a half ago in her kitchen and wasn’t even sure she would have finished the track. “I wasn’t really writing much for myself at the time so I kinda just assumed it’d join my thousands of other half-written songs in my demo graveyard,” she said. “But then the next day, while I was listening to a random playlist while driving, I heard a production I loved, so I looked up the producer and fully slid into his DM’s, asking where in the world he lived, and if he’d ever want to work with me loll. Luckily he lived in LA, and I brought this idea to him the next week and we finished it together.” 

In an article for STEREOGUM, Allen explained that “I wrote ‘girl with a problem’ when I was in the throes of a relationship I could feel was slowly turning into something ugly and unsustainable, and making the conscious decision to overlook every pitfall for the sake of loving a boy. Turns out it’s incredibly problematic how good our hearts are at overriding our guts.”

In the song, Allen describes the feeling of being completely consumed by her significant other, singing “And nothing happens for no reason / must’ve been a higher power talking

when you walked into my life.” She then continues on, singing “let ’em say I’m off the edge and all in / I don’t care it’s true / they’re right.” The lyrics “I’m just a girl with a problem / What can you do,” conveys her indifference despite recognizing that she maybe ignoring the warning signs and allowing herself to be swept away into the relationship. 

Along with the single, Allen also dropped visuals to go along with the track. The music video simply shows Allen singing along to the song in a flower field and in a studio and takes inspiration from the 90s as well.  

“girl with a problem” is available across all streaming platforms.