Alfie Templeman – Beckham

Making his professional debut in 2018, Alfie Templeman stole the hearts of many by drawing inspiration from the experiences of others within his music. Since then, the London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer has ventured into a new chapter, drawing inspiration from his own experiences, as he gears up to release his eagerly-awaited forthcoming album Radiosoul; this week, he’s dropped the latest cut from the record, “Beckham.”

Following on from the groove-laden “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Beckham” was created in collaboration with Speedy Wunderground producer Dan Carey. The track, which continues to showcase Templeman’s growth as a musician and creative prowess, features a slick groove and earworm chorus, blending pop sensibilities with introspective lyrics. “Worrying is pointless / What good will it do? / Six more days in slumber / Slowly killin’ you,” he croons in the second verse. “You dig yourself so deeply / Past the exit home / Weakened our beginnings / To make you feel unknown.

Written about his move to London, “Beckham” is a subtle ode to feeling anxious every day and the attempts to face it head-on. “The chorus of ‘Beckham’ is the list of places I was looking to move houses to in London,” Templeman states in a press release. “I moved for the first time in my life during the summer of ’23, which was really exciting, but the days counting down to moving out truly felt like the realest and most dignifying moments of my life. Like a whole new chapter had started, albeit one brimming with everyday anxiety – that existential dread building in you making the present ever so blurry,” he elaborates. “It’s one of a few songs on Radiosoul where I try to face it and find clarity, and was partially inspired by Beatles songs like ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ where everything is a bit twisted,” he adds. “It’s a nice way of painting with words.”

When it came to working with Carey, a cult figure within the industry, Templeman added: “Dan is such a dream to make music with, he trusts scatterbrains like mine where you have so many ideas knocking at the door begging to get out. ‘Beckham’ just happened in a few hours, it’s so full of life and energy. I really wanted to build the ending and brew all this dread and panic for it to collapse on itself. There’s this insane instrument during the build-up called the Swarmatron which takes eight different tones tuned to different pitches and sends them out of unison until we brought them back together before the song collapsed. And, we took my voice during the verses and fed them into this sampler that crunches and spits up my words. It’s all crazy stuff, Dan stuff.”

In addition to releasing “Beckham,” Templeman is heading off on a record store tour across the UK to promote Radiosoul. With performances scheduled in cities including London, Glasgow, and Liverpool, the tour will also feature an appearance at BBC’s Radio 1 Big Weekend, and tickets for all are on sale now. With Radiosoul, Templeman delves into themes such as social media fatigue, the challenges of touring, and personal growth, reflecting a journey of self-discovery and maturity, and it’s one we can’t wait to get our hands on.