Isaac Dunbar – Beep Beep Repeat


Isaac Dunbar is throwing a party, and you’re invited. But this isn’t just any gathering—it’s a whirlwind of funky beats, electric vibes, and unforgettable moments straight from the heart of his iconic party pad, Apartment A. In his latest EP, Beep Beep Repeat, Dunbar takes us on a journey through his world of eclectic characters and memorable experiences, delivering a propulsive and playful new offering that’s bound to get you moving.

Released on April 26, 2024, Beep Beep Repeat is Dunbar’s first project since 2022’s critically acclaimed Banish The Banshee. Drawing inspiration from his time living in New York City, Dunbar infuses the EP with the sounds and energy of the city’s vibrant club scene, creating a decadent, maximalist blend of 2010s pop influences and ’70s disco theatricality.

The EP kicks off with “Apartment A,” a funky whirlwind of infectious energy that invites listeners into Dunbar’s world of late-night revelry and love affairs. Directed by Hannah Bon, the music video for “Apartment A” is an opulent immortalization of the wild nights and outlandish characters that inhabit Dunbar’s party pad. With its exuberant main character energy, the video captures the essence of the song’s message: creating fame within oneself and embracing one’s inner icon.

From there, Dunbar takes us on a journey through a series of sonic landscapes, each track offering a glimpse into his multifaceted artistry. “Backseat Girl,” the EP’s second single, is a vibrant, theatrical lament of what it feels like to be overlooked and undervalued in a relationship. With its lush guitars and intricate harmonies, the song captures the universal desire for recognition and understanding, while also serving as a testament to Dunbar’s unique blend of personal storytelling and innovative soundscapes.

Another standout track on the EP is “American High,” a theatric piano-driven romp that showcases Dunbar’s vocals as he boldly declares, “I’m man enough to be a party girl and dance all night.” With its infectious energy and catchy hooks, “American High” is a perfect encapsulation of Dunbar’s larger-than-life persona and his ability to defy genres, rules, and eras all at once.

In addition to these standout tracks, Beep Beep Repeat features three other songs: “I Love To Dance,” “Photoshoot Tonight,” and “C.R.A.Z.Y.” Each track offers its own unique perspective on Dunbar’s world, adding depth and dimension to the EP as a whole.

In an interview about the EP, Dunbar shared insights into his creative process and the inspiration behind his music. Living in New York City, he explained, changed everything for him, expanding his palette of references and influencing his sound in profound ways. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in the city’s gay clubs and vibrant nightlife scene, Dunbar embraced a new era of sonic exploration, infusing his music with a sense of freedom and experimentation.

As Beep Beep Repeat makes clear, Isaac Dunbar is more than just a pop artist—he’s a force to be reckoned with, a sonic innovator unafraid to push boundaries and challenge conventions. With its infectious energy, eclectic influences, and larger-than-life persona, Beep Beep Repeat is a testament to Dunbar’s unique vision and undeniable talent. So come on, join the party—Isaac Dunbar is waiting to sweep you off your feet and take you on the ride of a lifetime.