WILLOW – big feelings

WILLOW has such “big feelings” that she can’t ignore or shut down. It’s the kind where everything is falling apart inside your head and you still manage to tell whoever asks you, “I’m fine.” However, you know you’re not fine, and if that person showed a modicum of interest, they would know that you’re not too. But that’s life, isn’t it? We always feel like we can’t let the freak out or even truly say what we’re thinking and feeling during those times. And Willow relates, or at least we do, through her latest song.

“I have such big feelings / Can’t shut ’em down without a sound / I have such big feelings / Can’t shut ’em down or let ’em out,” she sings in the chorus, her voice and the piano accompaniment inspiring a moody feeling.

There’s a lot to dissect in the song because WILLOW didn’t just sing about having these “big problems” and letting it hang there, she also told us how she coped. “Acceptance is the key / Acceptance gives me wings,” she sings in the refrain. But then of course, we the listeners are left to ponder what she means by “acceptance.” Is it accepting you have “big problems” and seeking help or accepting you just have “big feelings” about things and there’s nothing you can do? Huh.

“The piano part of this song is so dense and dissonant but also darkly beautiful,” WILLOW shared in a statement. “I wrote ‘b i g f e e l i n g s’ during a week where I was coming to terms with my own emotional patterns that I hadn’t known were there. Musically, it has a darkness and complexity that reflects what we all experience in our own minds. The song is about accepting those intense feelings that you have no idea what to do with.”

“big feelings” follows the release of “symptom of life,” another song that explores the complexities of life and how that affects us mentally. She also teased her new album empathogen; a record that will be a step away from the rock sounds that inspired her last two albums.

Her press release says of the upcoming album, “Tactile and transcendent, it sees Willow tapping into ‘ancestral energy’ to evoke a sense of mystery. Features from Jon Batiste and St. Vincent drive home the album’s bent towards technical musicianship, while WILLOW’s voice – grown deeper and richer over time – takes center stage. It is an album that embraces tension – light and dark, free-spiritedness and social pressures, playfulness and depth.”