Tinashe – Nasty

It’s a Tinashe world and we’re just living in it.

After gifting us with BB/ANG3L last year, the American singer-songwriter and dancer has decided to return with BB/ANG3L PT. 2 – QUANTUM BABY, and the lead single “Nasty” has all the trappings we can ever need to grow restless for the new record.

Most of us are still shimmying to last year’s “Needs” and to top it off so soon, and yet make it a whole new experience, is something only an artist of Tinashe’s caliber can achieve. Fans are already noticing the futuristic aspects of this new era, and that’s not just because Tinashe threw down the most hottest moves in what seems a dystopian landscape, “Nasty” actually features a punchy futuristic beat.

Is somebody gonna match my nasty? / I got stamina, they say I’m an athlete / (Oh, ah) Is somebody gonna match my freak? (My freak) / (Oh, ah) Need somebody with a good technique? (Good technique) / (Oh, ah) Is somebody gonna match my nasty?” she sings in the first verse of the sexually enticing song. Even though the song’s chorus is bold and sort of chant-like in a way, the signature Tinashe harmony still came into play to make the song almost as sensual as its message.

The R&B superstar has always shown us that she’s capable of singing about the “s” word in a million different forms and still making it unique and beautiful, and I suspect that it’s something she’ll keep showing us.

In the accompanying music video, Tinashe emerges from a mechanic’s shop to meet some guests who just drove in. As she cozies up and starts dancing with them, futuristic-looking drones scour the skies searching for “Tinashe.” Towards the end of the video, they locate her, but she manages to shoot down one of them and drive the rest away.

Speaking of the song in a statement, Tinashe said, “This is that all summer long kinda BOP! It’s meant to make you feel sexy, confident, let loose and maybe even unleash some of that sluttiness inside you. We all need a daily reminder that we are our own muses, here’s the inspiration to embrace it.”

The song and her BB/ANG3L PT. 2 – QUANTUM BABY album announcement came on the heels of her Coachella performances happening this weekend and next.

Written by Tinashe and producer Ricky Reed, the song was originally teased on Feb. 14 as a Valentine’s Day gift to her fans.