Sia – Fame Won’t Love You (feat. Paris Hilton)

“Fame Won’t Love You” is the fourth single to be released from Sia’s upcoming album, Reasonable Woman – out May 3. It follows the release of her solo ballad “Forgive You,” which arrived just a week ago, her collaborative single with Kylie Minogue “Dance Alone,” and “Incredible” featuring hitmaker Labrinth.

This collab with Paris Hilton marks the beginning of her working relationship with the socialite and DJ, as Sia serves as an executive producer on the latter’s upcoming debut album.

On “Fame Won’t Love You” the two superstars warn that fame isn’t as glamorous and as flashy as it looks, even though it’s what many of us consider it to be.

Watch children cry / The pageant sells a lie / Third place isn’t winning, you know / Neither is first / The pressure and the thirst / For this skeleton’s show,” she sings in the first verse, hinting that fame isn’t as kind on the person who wins it as the person who didn’t would expect.

Little dreams come crashing / Let them wave in passing / ‘Cause fame won’t love you like a mother, like a father should,” she sings in the catchy and memorable chorus.

In the second verse, Hilton sings about wanting fame to validate her “futile existence” and “tap dancing for one million miles” in hopes of getting a smile. She then beautifully blends her voice with Sia in the pre-chorus as they sing, “I am so thin-skinned / Don’t scratch the surface / Please let me live within / Within this circus.”

“Fame Won’t Love You” advises listeners to prioritize meaningful relationships over the thought of achieving fame or making it big onstage. The entire song has that Sia-energy that keeps you hooked and pressing replay way too many times. I don’t usually say this in a review, but I would be hurt if this song didn’t chart. But uh…maybe it’s just me.

Sia teased the collaboration on her socials by sharing a picture of her and Hilton at Miley’s New Year’s Party. In the picture, Sia, of course, is wearing her signature wig that covers half of her face and rocking a colorful gown featuring the picture of a giant butterfly. Hilton, on the other hand, showed off beautiful legs in a glittering short gown. The two stars lovingly held each other whilst flashing bright smiles at the camera.

Maybe French Montana was right and “fame is a lie.”