Sabrina Carpenter – Espresso

Okay, I’m just going to join the trend that legions of fans have already started to nominate Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” for song of the summer. I mean, it does not get more summer than Carpenter and her girls lounging at the beach and just enjoying a girls vacation – funded by a stolen credit card, but who really cares? After her epic run on major dates with Taylor Swift, Carpenter is ready to crawl out of the woodwork and join the ranks of global superstars. Her fans would say she should have done so like two songs ago, and I agree.

Her latest offering “Espresso” has a smooth and calming element to it, making it the perfect song to just play on any old day and be happy or reminisce about happier and funnier times.

“My twisted humor make him laugh so often / My honeybee, come and get this pollen,” she sings in the second verse, glorifying her abilities to ensnare a boy and make him lose his senses for her. Good luck getting the song’s infectious chorus out of your head.

“The song is kind of about seeing femininity as your super power, and embracing the confidence of being that bitch,” she told Vogue.

Speaking on the idea for the visuals for the Dave Meyers-directed video, Carpenter said she was inspired by the song’s calm but radiant energy and thought it would translate well by shooting it at a beach.

“Since the day I heard the song, I saw a beach atmosphere—and more specifically this kind of old school [and] modern environment,” she says. “[I wanted to capture] the playfulness that I like to use throughout all of my videos. I also just wanted a pool car, to be frank.”

The video sees Carpenter drop a disturbing boy off a boat, leaving him to swim back to the beach. As he does so, she takes his card and treats her friends to a shopping spree and other beautiful beach experiences. Along the way, she sees a pack of hot boys and admires them, later signaling one to come over.

The boy, however, does swim to shore eventually and call the cops on her when she is busy having a great time in a pool car. She gets arrested, but she isn’t fazed by it. At the end, the police car refuses to start.

Apart from dropping the sweet sweet song and its beautifully crafted music video, Carpenter is also getting ready to take the main stage at the Coachella again next weekend.