RIIZE – Impossible 

RIIZE’s latest single “Impossible” is said to continue their “emotional pop sound” streak, and coupled with a vintage appeal and their traditional chant-like style, “Impossible” looks ready, set, to become the song of the summer or at least one of them.

The dance track aims to convey the uplifting message that nothing is impossible as long as you’re striving to reach your dreams, especially when you have that special someone by your side. The naysayers may tell you it’s not possible, it’s left for you to prove them wrong, and RIIZE plans on doing just that. The song acts as a teaser for what’s coming next; three b-side tracks on April 29th and a mini-album to follow in June.

Got me flyin’ in my dreams right now / Can’t lose, can’t lose / Can’t lose, it’s impossible,” the boys sing in the bilingual track, smoothly switching from English to Korean and back again like they weren’t doing anything.

The accompanying music video sees the members thrill with impressive footwork and perfectly in-sync choreography. In fact, the video accumulated over a million views hours after its release due to its truly interesting aesthetics and of course, the aforementioned choreography featuring impressive footwork.

Gimme that bеat / Realize with you, with you, with you, you / You-you, realizе with, with, with, with / Got me flyin’ to realize it now,” they sing in the post-chorus, paying homage to the meaning of their stage name RIIZE. For the uninitiated fans, RIIZE is the merging of two words – “rise” symbolizing growth, and “realize,” representing achievements – which together encapsulate the idea of a team that grows as one while achieving their dreams.

Since their debut, RIIZE has concentrated on authenticity and relatability to grow their fanbase by sharing their down-to-earth personalities and humble moments at the start of their new journey. This directly translated to the awesome support the group got from the get-go, accumulating a million followers on Instagram just four days after launching on the platform. In case you’re wondering, yes it does make them the fastest-growing K-pop group on Instagram.

The group has also found a way to merge their musical artistry with fashion, landing a contract as house ambassadors for Louis Vuitton only three months after their debut. It seems clear that the only thing this group plans to make impossible is not achieving global stardom.