Photo: India Fleming

PVRIS – Oil & Water

Hailing from Boston, PVRIS – the creative project of Lynn Gunn (real name Lyndsey Gunnulfsen) – refuses to be tied down to one genre. The project, which focuses on artistry, emotional resonance, and storytelling within their music, has always explored a diverse, eclectic mix of sounds, resulting in a unique genre of their own. It is this controversial, innovative, and risk-taking approach that has kept PVRIS at the forefront of the industry and now, they’re switching it up again with their latest offering “Oil & Water.”

Hot on the heels of “Burn The Witch” with Tommy Genesis and Alice Longyu-Gao, “Oil & Water” follows a simple two-beat drum, allowing Gunn’s vocals to take the spotlight. Though the electric track is simple in terms of musicianship, the somewhat stripped-back approach draws listeners’ attention to the track’s meanings more than anything as Gunn sings about the lengths people will go to in order to see love succeed.

Maybe it’s foolish / But I wouldn’t do this / For anyone else but you / But I’m born to do this / Fall and keep moving / Up on my way to you,” she croons ahead of the enthralling chorus. “Why can’t you just pull me closer / But you keep pushing / Always send me over / Like oil and water, it’s true / But I still fall into you.

Penned on the road, “Oil & Water” is an ode to the relationships that test the waters of one’s deepest desires and something Gunn has been brimming with excitement to share with the world. “The song is about the push and pull of mismatched love and the lengths you’d go to make it work,” Gunn says in a press release. “I wrote this while we were on tour with Poppy in the U.S,” she adds. “I rented a house, which may have been haunted, in Kansas City on two of our off-days and wrote/recorded the music, verse and pre-chorus there. Finished the chorus and rest of the song in LA with Kanner. Finished producing and finalized the track in Northern California in Nevada City.”

With 2024 already off to a speedy start for PVRIS, “Oil & Water” arrives in time for their UK/EU headline tour. Kicking things off at The MusikZentrum Hannover on 24th April, the tour will span various cities including Milan, Paris, Manchester, Glasgow, and London, before the band tackle North America later in the year where they’ll also be rocking a slew of additional U.S. dates with The Smashing Pumpkins. Supported by Pale Waves, Scene Queen, Bruses, and Sophie Powers, tickets are on sale now.