OneRepublic – Nobody (from Kaiju No. 8)

“Nobody” may not be an official OneRepublic single but that did not make it any less special for fans. The song was first previewed on February 28 by the official Kaiju No. 8 YouTube channel when the series shared its first official trailer. A week later, OneRepublic shared a teaser for the song, along with a pre-save link. The release date was announced as April 12, ahead of the series premiere the following day.

Serving as the ending theme song for the animated series, the song is about supporting someone through the brightest and darkest days of their life. And this really resonates with the plot of the show, which sees the Anti-Kaiju Defense Force battle kaijus (monsters in English) to ensure the survival of their cities and their people.

I’d take the fall / I got you covered when there’s no one at all / Oh, yeah, and I’d stay through the night / When you got demons tryna break through the walls,” Tedder sings in the first verse. In the chorus, he promises that “Nobody got you the way I do (Ooh) / Whatever demons you’re fightin’ through / When you need somebody to turn to (Ooh) / Nobody got you the way I do.”

Josh Varnadore and Ryan Tedder penned the song with producers Brent Kutzle, Tyler Spry, and Joe Henderson, with Tedder providing the main vocals for the synth-pop track. Kutzle, Spry, Henderson, and Varnadore provided background vocals.

Kaiju No. 8 is set in a world that is beset by monsters named kaijus that regularly pop up and cause disasters. There are two different types of Kaijus: honju—more dangerous, stronger kaiju, and yoju—smaller kaiju that can accompany or sprout off from the honju.

The anime follows Kafka, a 32-year-old man who once vowed to become a member of the Defense Force that battles kaijus. However, after trying several times and failing, he gives up and settles into life as a member of the clean-up crew that cleans up the mess left behind by a kaiju battle. When he meets Reno Ichikawa, an aspiring Defense Force member, it reignites his desire to become part of the Defense Force.

As he makes steps to reapply, a small kaiju makes its way into his mouth giving him the ability to transform into a kaiju. However, he can competently control himself even when he is in that form so he decides to go ahead and apply, whilst keeping it a secret. He gets in this time but arouses the suspicion of the vice-captain of the Third Division, Soshiro Hoshina.