Photo: Wolf James

Nina Nesbitt – Mansion

Nina Nesbitt calls the songs on her upcoming studio album Mountain Music her “favorite” so far, and we agree with that, even just judging by the singles we’ve been gifted with so far. After being dropped by her major label and having to cope with a lot of changes, in addition to dealing with the idea of getting older in an industry that wants to stay young forever – “I’m two years from thirty and life scares me more each day” – Nesbitt decided to turn to writing songs as a way to escape the turmoil happening inside her mind. The result? Mountain Music. As she herself famously sang, “Pressure makes diamonds.” And in this case, it did. We’ve got “Pages,” “On the Run,” and now “Mansion.”

“Mansion” is about self-love. It’s about letting the light in to see how beautiful you are and that you’re not something someone can just tolerate. Nesbitt kicks off the song by taking us to the heart of the matter, the very place that sucks a person of their positive energy. She sings, “Park up, sit back / For a moment in your car / Walk down to the blue door / The one that breaks your heart.”

Okay, now that she’s been able to put us right in the middle of our nightmares, what happens next? “He lets you in, but not like that / He’ll give his world then take it right back / You don’t know how pretty you are / He doesn’t know how pretty you are.” 

What do you do when you’re in a situation where you’re being undervalued? I guess hoping for the best keeps us trapped in these unsavory situations. No, Nesbitt wants you to let the light in and recognize what it is you are. “So open the blinds, let the vines grow / They can watch as they’re passing / Darling, you’re more than a bed in a box room / In the wrong end of Acton / You are a mansion.”

There’s a rawness to her recent songs that I definitely love. Sometimes it seems like it’s just her and these emotions and she’s on a journey with them trying to figure out what each of them means.

She also announced the coming of her album alongside the release of “Mansion.” She wrote, “BIG NEWS! My new album, Mountain Music, will be released on 27th September. This is by far my favorite piece of work I’ve created yet. I can’t wait for you all to hear it. This album is for the girl who grew up in the small town, the twenty-something trying to find her way in the big city and the person I am now looking back at the view of it all. The beauty, the magic, the messiness and everything in-between. Mountain Music held my hand through some of my hardest moments and I really hope it can hold yours too. It’ll be the first release on my own record label, Apple Tree Records.”