Mimi Webb – Mistake

Mimi Webb is branching out. Originally styled as the “Queen of breakup bop,” the star has decided to wade into happier waters with her latest single, “Mistake.” It’s almost reminiscent of Tate McRae’s shift, which saw the Canadian superstar sing “sad girl bit got a little boring.” And Webb heartily agrees, so MW2 – yes, “Mistake” is part of a new era and not a one-off – will be happier and more cheery than her debut Amelia. Speaking of her debut album, Amelia peaked at number 4 on the Official Albums Chart, making her one of the fastest-rising pop success stories from the UK.

Without waiting to take a breather from the success of her first record, she’s already planning a comeback, and this time, she’s willing to experiment with new sounds that will take her music to a whole new audience – say, her brother and his friends.

Her first single “Mistake” already signifies this shift, as she worked with pop mastermind Ryan Tedder on it. “Let’s make a mistake (Yeah) before all our time is up / Let’s pick up the pace / Before all our timе is up / It’s never too late (Nеver too late),” she sings in the catchy chorus.

Speaking to Official Chart’s George Griffiths about the new song, she said, “100%, this is very brand new to me – it’s so fun to incorporate a new genre of music into what I’m doing. That kind of DnB, jungle vibe is where a lot of my fans are at, it’s what they’re listening to…I’m really excited to see who likes the song!”

Webb is also conscious that her new era is likely to bring her more listeners. In fact, her earliest teasers for the song showed her playing the song for her brother, who she said was not a big fan of her previous songs. “Oh, definitely. And to be fair to my brother, [the heartbreak songs] are not the kind of stuff he or his friends would relate to. I think he can listen to Mistakes with his mates, this is for people who want to go and have a fun night out. If you like to live in the moment, you can relate to this song.”

As for the reason she’s chosen to leave behind her heartbreak era, she said, “I think where I am in my life right now, I’m very focused on myself and my career. I’m living in the moment! I really wanted to write about it, and making mistakes is a part of being human! You need to be able to move forward and take responsibility [for your actions]. Don’t be afraid to make risky decisions! You’ll grow from it.”