Mabel – Vitamins

Mabel wants to be her man’s vitamins “five times a day.” Yes, it’s been two years, but it feels like she didn’t even go anywhere because we never stopped playing her songs.

Okay, let’s talk “Vitamins.” No, not that kind of vitamins that’s described as “organic compounds.” Mabel’s version is the love and caring that needs to exist to make a relationship a healthy one.

For the song, Mabel flipped back to her earlier roots of R&B. “I don’t know what you doin’ later, baby, if you made plans,” she sings, adding that if her lover wants to be free from his stress all he has to do is “grab this opportunity at my body with both hands / You just need a little bit of me, ooh / I can help you get a better sleep.”

She then goes on to admit that she’s not forcing him to submit to her love or anything because he’s “a grown man,” “but if you want me…”

I think maybe there are a lot of songs that tell us of the magic of falling in love, of the devastation of a breakup, a cheating partner, or an unhappy (toxic) relationship, but there are rarely many songs about the work you need to put in to make a relationship work. “Vitamins” tells us that loving someone means being available when they need you and helping them get back up when they’re feeling down.

In her press release, the “Mad Love” hitmaker called “Vitamins” one of her favorite songs, saying, “This song is my family and friends’ favorite song out of all the music I’ve made over the past couple years. It’s a reminder to the man I love to take care of himself but also that in difficult times I’ll always be there in his corner.”

She continued: “I also dedicate the record to my uncle David Cherry who passed during the making of this song. He was a musician and I felt him guiding me musically during the session to be braver and bolder with my songwriting.”

“Vitamins” is Mabel’s first solo release since 2022’s About Last Night, and follows the Black Sherif assisted collab “Zero” released earlier this year. Mabel’s seductive voice incredibly blends with the sultry slow jam to make this a song that fans are now wild about.

According to the press release, the UK songbird has more surprises in store for fans, so stay tuned. She might possibly unveil a new musical era.