Leigh-Anne – Stealin’ Love

Leigh-Anne Pinnock has been gifting us with bangers after bangers. She is proving that solo Leigh-Anne is as much a noteworthy artist as she was when she was a member of one of the biggest female groups this generation can attest for: Little Mix. Her single “Don’t Say Love” has highlighted some of our finer moments and well, many of us haven’t been able to ignore the irresistible pull of her collab with Nigerian superstar Ayra Starr, “My Love.”

And she’s continued this streak with a song that’s designedly made to keep you hitting repeat. With an ultra-catchy chorus to match, I don’t think I’ll be overstepping my boundaries by calling this her best solo work yet.

On the first listen for “Stealin’ Love,” I couldn’t determine whether she was singing a love song, a breakup song, or a “let’s work through this love” song like P!nk’s “Just Give Me A Reason.” The second listen and I began to understand that it’s not a love song, at least not the kind most mainstream artists have been feeding us. With fairytale love, it’s usually all or nothing. In “Stealin’ Love,” Leigh-Anne tells us that love functions in this grey area that’s not all bad, and at the same time, not all good.

In the first verse she sings, “Why you even lie to yourself? / I don’t need to see your eyes, I can already tell / Mm, I’m givin’ you all that / All of the love and space and time that I ain’t gonna get back, no.”

By the time the second verse rolls in, she’s still dropping hints that all’s not well and the end might be near, and then she goes on and sings, “Full of potential, tryin’ to hold on / But you wanna let go / Out of the backdoor into the arms of / The one thing you’re runnin’ from.”

In a chat with British Vogue, she said of the song: “Everything on Instagram looks perfect and nothing is. I wanted to show that in my relationship. It’s about somebody stealing love away from you – you give so much and they’re taking it and not giving enough in return.”

She added: “There’s stuff that I’m going to be unveiling about our relationship that’s scary. I’m getting married, he’s the love of my life, but we’ve been through shit. Fully showing something for what it is is a really vulnerable thing to do and that does petrify me, but at the same time, it’s life. Relationships are frickin’ hard work. If something is good enough to fight for then that’s the main thing.”