Kehlani – After Hours

Kehlani is back with “After Hours,” a seductive enough song that’ll make you want to dance your socks off. Do you want to show your friends that you know your way around a dancefloor, this song will get you through the challenge. “After Hours” is the first piece of music we get to hear from the superstar since her 2022 album Blue Water Road.

She’s not just back to make music. This time she’s specifically creatively directing herself to make “happy music” because after all that life’s thrown at us, and the tragedies we learn from the news day in and day out, we deserve a bit of downtime. And Kehlani is here to provide.

Her mission? “I want my art to provide some kind of life and fun…I want to hear this outside and I want to feel good.” So what did she do? She took to surfing because what connects us to joy better than just being with nature?

We don’t gotta take it slow / I’ma hit the gas if you’re ready to go / I wanna feel the sweat, breathin’ through your clothes,” she sings in the first verse, before singing in the catchy refrain, “I wanna make magic (Magic) / I want you to feel me (Feel me) / I want you to grab me (Grab me) / I want you to steal me (Steal me).”

Speaking of the creative process behind the song, Kehlani told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe: “We were sitting in a house in San Diego, because I’ve been making a lot of music in Airbnbs. I’ve been surfing and then coming inside and recording. And one of my favorite songs of all time and also just to be outside and it comes and it drops and everybody’s bodies just move, no pun intended, is “Move Your Body” by Nina Sky. And I remember walking around the house and I was like, “Why has nobody sampled ‘Move Your Body?’” Because those drums, when they drop, it’s so recognizable and everybody just loses it. It’s one of those things where it drops and everybody goes, “Woo,” and bends their knees and puts their hands on their knees.”

She added: “And coming out of this pandemic to global tragedy, to global tragedy to global tragedy, I was like, I’m not really in a space of wanting to make something that feels super jarring or super sad. I’m very outspoken about these things, but I want my art to provide some kind of life and fun and I want to go outside. I want to hear this outside and I want to feel good. So I focused just on making something that feels really good, and the second we finished it and we just couldn’t stop listening to it and then we tested it at the club and we tested it in the car. It was so fun.”

All the fans need now to complete the fun cycle is a music video.