Jaws The Shark – Got It Made (feat. James Veck-Gilodi)

Hailing from a small town in Devon, before relocating to London, Jaws The Shark (real name Olly Bailey) discovered his passion for music at an early age. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres, from rock and indie to electronic and shoegaze, Bailey has developed a sound that seamlessly blends different styles together; and caught the attention of SO Records, home to Placebo, Enter Shikari, Deaf Havana, and more. 2022 saw Bailey release his debut EP, Another Day In Paradise, via Nice Swan Records, and ever since, the multi-instrumentalist has climbed the ranks of the industry. This week, he’s at it again as he’s joined forces with Deaf Havana’s James Veck-Gilodi for the brilliantly compelling track “Got It Made” – a scuzzy rock anthem.

With a confident swagger, low-hanging bass, and thumping drums, the powerhouse rock track calls for a live atmosphere with its garage rock and post-punk-inspired guitar riffs. As the pair sing about how little space occupies their brains, being crushed by other people’s expectations and the thoughts of failing, the track hears their vocals perfectly complementing each other, culminating in a compelling, explosive chorus. “Let’s say that we’ve got it made,” they sing. “We could be the hottest thing today.

Having teased the single a week in advance over on his social media platforms, Bailey prepared his fans for it to have a feature and shared how it came about in a press release. “I remember writing the main intro riff for it by just subconsciously playing around with an acoustic one day sat on my sofa,“ he says. “Something caught my ear and I thought hmm, that reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins,” he adds. “I just went and tried to make it as heavy as I could, which was quite liberating to be honest. Rather than shy away from the comparison, I just thought I’d lean it to it and see where it went,” he admits. “I was around at James’s place one night and showed him the track, and asked if he fancied having a go at one of the verses, and the rest is history!”

Set for release on July 19th, Bailey’s long-awaited debut album, Wasteland, is a body of work that was written entirely by Bailey himself. “Wasteland is an album that I’d been wanting to write for some time now, and one that I’m really proud of personally,” he clarifies. “Some of the tracks that I write wouldn’t necessarily be put into the Jaws The Shark category when you look back at what I’ve released previously, but I wanted this album to show off some of my versatility that I like to explore when writing songs,” he continues before expressing his gratitude further over on Instagram.

“The fact that I’ve gotten to a point where I’m able to release an album blows my mind,” he says. “When I first started Jaws The Shark, it was purely as a recording project and something to keep the boredom at arms length,” he adds. “It’s been a beautiful thing to watch it blossom and bloom into what it’s become. This [Wasteland] is a body of work that I’ve waited patiently my entire life to present and I couldn’t be more proud of it.”

Alongside the release of “Got It Made”, Jaws The Shark have announced their UK/EU headline tour. Kicking things off at The Kazimer Stockroom in Liverpool on 13th September, the tour will span various cities including Manchester, Leeds, St. Albans, Paris, and London; though Wasteland is still three months away, “Got It Made” and “California” are promising enough that we know the rest of the record will be worth the wait. Tickets for Jaws The Shark UK/EU tour are available here.