Griff – Pillow In My Arms

Griff continues to push the boundaries of her brand of experimental pop with new EP, highlighted by "Pillow In My Arms"

Ever since UK-born singer-songwriter Griff burst onto the scene with the critically-acclaimed tunes “One Foot in Front of the Other” and “Shade Of Yellow,” she has continued to grow as an indie pop darling. In this writer’s opinion, even if it may not be the most relevant tune, Griff’s 2022 collaboration with Swedish powerhouse Sigrid, “Head on Fire,” was a strategic move and one she needed to execute close to perfection. She did. Sigrid took Griff out of her comfort zone, and she was forced to navigate uncharted waters. Since then, she has continued to elevate.

“Pillow In My Arms,” a standout off her new EP ver2igo vol. 2, is out now.

According to a post on IG, the tune is very literal. It’s about holding onto a pillow for isolated warmth… a sense of companionship. Lyrically and melodically, it is incredibly diaristic. Like a vomit vent session in a journal or on the phone with a friend brought to life. She brings these unbalanced feelings to life with the kind of light electronica and multi-layered production that has become her signature… cascading forward through her wordy, garbled sentiments of attempting to find solace through a period of loneliness.

The phrasing and cadence of the second half of the chorus is quite fascinating. In one breath, she sings, “Oh, it loves me in the morning and it loves me in the evening and it loves me when everyone is sleeping and it’s. all. that. I. gotttttt lefttttt,” somehow managing to find an interesting, and possible, path to make it from one end to the other while consistently sliding up the melodic scale.

In place of a bridge with a separate melodic and instrumental flow, she simply continues to word vomit her way through using the chorus melody: “And it won’t bring you back, love/ And it won’t make it stop/ But it’s all that I’ve got, so damn it, I’ll hold it tight in my arms/ And I’ll dance… with a pillow in my arms/ Oh, as if it has a heartbeat/ Oh, as if it was your body.” Expert reusing of source material to both keep the listener engaged and continue in that pocket as if to say, “Oh, and another thing.”

Overall, “Pillow In My Arms” is the strongest track off the EP. Focus single “Miss Me Too” and closing track “Cycles,” the former certainly the most commercially viable of the four, explore different avenues of pop-leaning electronic dance music, while the melody of “Hole In My Pocket” is, at first, the most compelling, before it is somewhat halted in its tracks. “Pillow In My Arms,” this direct and stammering mess of a story, is a practical product of raw, in-the-moment writing in pop music.