Grace Davies – Illuminate (Official Song of the European Athletics Championships, Roma 2024)

British singer-songwriter Grace Davies has penned the beautifully heart-thumping “Illuminate” to help get us in the mood to participate in and celebrate sports ahead of the Roma 2024 European Athletics Championships. Termed the most important continental athletics competition of the year, the official 2024 song features a pulsing piano and driving drums that build up to a thumping chorus.

“You’ve got fire running through your blood / All this heat, it is frightening / If they knock you down / I’ll help you get back up / At the speed of lightning,” she sings in the first verse.

In the post-chorus she captures the energy of the event the song is representing, as she sings, “Can’t stop, keep running, running / I don’t stop now, keep running, running.”

Speaking on being approached to write the song, Davies said, “I was so flattered to have been approached to provide the official song for the European Athletics Championships, not only as an artist but also as a writer.”

Davies first entered the public eye as a contestant on the British version of The X Factor, where she finished as a runner-up in 2017.

“It is a real privilege to be granted such a massive opportunity. I hope we have made something that is going to inspire the thousands of athletes competing, and narrate their experience through the good and the bad,” she added.

Speaking on having the song represent the competition, European Athletics President Dobromir Karamarinov said, “This is a beautiful song sung by a very special talent in Grace Davies, and it encapsulates the journey every athlete embarks upon. The power, passion and emotion in this song ignites the fire inside all of us and illuminates the love for our sport that everyone who wants to be part of this year’s European Athletics Championships will have. We are very proud to have it as our official song for Roma 2024.”

This is undoubtedly an honor that many artists dream of, because in the coming months, “Illuminate” will be played all over the world, as well as used as an integral part of European Athletics digital content.

The accompanying music video flashes from Davies singing the song in the studio to the past performances by the athletes. It perfectly captures the song’s energy with the footage of the athletes achieving incredible feats in their different areas of sport.

EBU Sport Executive Director Glen Killane also praised the song, saying, “With Europe’s top tier athletes competing in Rome ahead of the Paris Games, this song will add an extra dimension to the EBU’s coverage with content that is already poised to be among the most innovative and technologically superior productions ever seen at a major athletics championships.”