Genia – Pretty Lies

Emerging R&B singer Genia confronts her pain on her latest release, “Pretty Lies.” The accompanying visual is simple yet sultry featuring close-ups of the artist as she delivers each soulful verse. Her eyes focus on the camera conveying annoyance and frustration. Diamond-clad crosses dangle from her ears as she nods her head to the beat.

“Pretty Lies” has a mellow R&B sound equipped with booming bass. The singer’s voice cascades over the smooth melody. She belts the chorus, “Tell me pretty lies, can’t even look me in the eyes.” She vocalizes to a higher inflection with intensity. The camera slowly pans across her eyes as she gives a sweltering stare. Each vocalization is crisp and delicate escalating to a powerful ballad as she delivers the hook. She creates a satisfying juxtaposition of soft and feminine harmonies weaved with strong, boisterous serenades.

The song is the leading track off her highly anticipated project, 4AM IN THE VILLE. Having inspiration from her hometown of Victorville, California, the project grapples with the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. Each of the seven songs highlights her unique ability to blend soft yet powerful vocal ranges. Her storytelling is equal parts vulnerable and unbothered.

She describes her creative process, “I feel like I make music for everybody, but mainly for women to feel badass. I wanna feel like I have the power. I wanna feel like I’m that bitch. That was kind of my thing: to make bad bitch music, but also to make vulnerable music, almost like somebody’s reading my diary. If only one person finds peace in my music, then I know I’ve done my job.” The young songstress is making a name for herself in the industry, racking up thousands of streams and a growing cult following.

While she may be an emerging star breaking through modern-day R&B, she embodies the classics of her predecessors. The artist recently shared her inspiration for the visual, paying homage to 90s icon Aaliyah on Instagram. A screenshot from the video shows Genia lying on a mattress on the floor with a similar throwback picture from the late singer. She captions, “Who caught the reference?”

The single is an empowering anthem for the brokenhearted. Her energy is strong and effortlessly cool. From her elegant disposition to the silk-like vocals, she encapsulates quintessential R&B with a youthful twist. Genia is a diamond hidden among the underground scene worthy of super-stardom.