Chlöe – Boy Bye

Released on April 12, Chlöe’s fiery breakup single “Boy Bye” arrived in time for her solo desert debut at Coachella this past weekend. Chlöe is continuing to convey her strength, worth, and confidence as a woman who can provide for herself – via “FYS”– and one who knows how to walk away from a toxic relationship – via the latest single, “Boy Bye.”

In “Boy Bye,” Chlöe is in the aftermath of a toxic relationship, but the said toxic ex won’t stop calling to say “I love yous” and “sorrys.” But she’s wise enough to reject his apologies and false prophecies of love.

“I was always loyal, always takin’ the fall / When we were together you were never involved,” she sings in the first verse, adding, “If we bein’ honest, it was never my fault / You just gave a little while I gave you my all / I don’t understand it, are you playin’ pretend? / How you switchin’ up and now you wanna be friends?” Chlöe worked with producers Yeti Beats, Rogét Chahayed, Carter Lang, and Kurtis McKenzie on the R&B track.

Speaking on the track via a press release, the singer-songwriter said, “‘Boy Bye’ is an anthem for anyone who needs to get rid of someone toxic and draining from their life. It’s liberating and free. That’s how it feels to finally let go of dead weight that’s been keeping you down. Instead of being sad about releasing what’s not good for me, I celebrate it.”

The song was debuted with a C&P-directed music video. At the beginning of the video, Chlöe is seen savagely packing up her things, with the help of her girls, and leaving her boyfriend. They also exact some little revenge like burning up some of his clothes. The rest of the video then sees her on a car ride enjoying her newly gained independence. “Boy Bye” made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop, and on the Paramount Times Square billboards.

The song serves as the second track Chlöe has released since her 2023 debut album In Pieces.

Speaking on the song’s message during her latest appearance on the Zach Sang show, the Forbes 30 under 30 honoree said, “I feel like no matter how much of a bad bitch you are, sometimes niggas will cheat. It’s not a ‘you’ thing, it’s a ‘them’ thing. Anytime I find out somebody cheats, I move on. They don’t believe me. I’ll tell them in the beginning, I’m like ‘You know, we aren’t perfect humans, but you cheat on me? I’m out.’ And they don’t believe me until their number is blocked.”