Baby Queen – Ride Or Die

Baby Queen is here once again with an R&B-tinged song, “Ride Or Die,” that… guess what…. was originally meant to be included in her debut album Quarter Life Crisis. Speaking of debut albums, word on the street is that the South African-born artist is already working on her follow-up project. However, at the moment, it’s not yet confirmed whether “Ride Or Die” is meant to exist as a standalone release or if it’s going to be added to a deluxe version of Quarter Life Crisis. It could be that, and I like this theory much better, she’s already teasing her second album.

In “Ride Or Die,” Baby Queen weaves a love story where two people can represent two totally different things to each other; “You need somebody to save / I need somebody to chase.” You exactly can’t say the song is about someone who’s in denial of their feelings because it’s written from the perspective of the other person, who’s enamored by this love interest and believes them to be too.

“I play on you more like a piano / I put your heartbeat in allegro / I know you think about me alone / You’ve got a thing about me I know,” she sings in the chorus.

In the verse, she insists that even though this love interest is in a romantic relationship with somebody else, they think about and want her. “I’vе been in your head, yeah? / But she’s in your bеd, yeah? / Going up the stairs, yeah?” she sings in the first verse, adding, “And I’ll make you feel alive / Cause I know you want me / And you know she’s not me.” So basically, either she’s right and she does observe the spark between them, or she’s just forcing herself to believe the other person feels that way because she does, which is something we admittedly often do.

“Ride Or Die” is accompanied by a laid-back music video that sees Baby Queen at the club or playing a game of snooker, but she’s doing it in a lethargic manner that kind of translates in a way that made it boring (my apologies to the Baby Kingdom).

According to DIY Mag, Baby Queen wrote the song a few years ago in hopes it would get featured on her debut album. She later decided to cut it from the project after feeling it didn’t fit in with the overall message of the record.