Benson Boone – Fireworks & Rollerblades


This year has been a particularly happy one for Benson Boone, and that’s apart from the fact that he just released his critically acclaimed 15-track album, Fireworks & Rollerblades. For one, his song “Beautiful Things” gained virality, cracking the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 and seeing itself to the very top of the UK’s singles chart. And since then, the fan floodgates seem to have opened, making his headline tour one that’s highly desired.

Following the release and success of the guitar-heavy track “Beautiful Things,” Boone continued to tease the project with the arrival of the piano-driven “Slow It Down” on March 21. On April 5, his debut studio album dropped and fans readily found that there were more songs on the project to fall in love with.

For Boone, Fireworks & Rollerblades signified a shift in his musical style, and some might even say that he’s found the niche he would likely run with for a while, if not for a long time. “A lot of my stuff in the past has been very piano-based. Obviously, I still have a lot of piano in my songs, but there definitely have been more heavier guitar songs, which I’m very happy about,” he told Billboard ahead of the release of his album. “I love the guitar. But overall, since the last time I released music, my voice has been maturing a lot. My style has been changing just slightly. And I think the songs that I will be releasing in the next couple months are closer to what my future looks like for releasing music. I’m very excited.”

In the short intro, Boone asks, “Do you believe there is a life / Where it’s just you and me and I?” And that kind of prepares us for what will be a journey of love, heartbreak, frustration, and hope. I would liken the album to a meandering journey that leaves your emotions flowing like the river, and by the time we get to “Friend” – track 14 – we’re so battered and bruised we readily accept we need a hand to hold, or at least Boone does. But that’s the quality of his songs, he makes you feel what he feels.

In “Be Someone,” Boone is in enthralled of a new love interest and he’s trying his best to be that someone who’s “makin’ it hard for you to sleep at night / I want you to call me when it’s gettin’ late / You could tell me anything.”

In the following track, “Slow It Down,” it seems that he’s finally won his quarry but their relationship is moving too fast for the comfort of both.

For all the “Beautiful Things” we hear on the album, the final track “What Do You Want” opens us up to a new reality about love; what if you’re giving your all to someone that makes feel like you’re not doing anything at all? “You felt a subtle breeze / So I ripped away my skin to warm your bones / And you said you don’t like secrets / So I told you more than you ever had to know,” he sings in the first verse, adding, “I thought we had a deal / But now I’m learning that I never had control / What are we doing here? /You got me all dressed up just to stop the show.”

No one can deny the beauty in Boone’s lyrics, or the quality of his voice in delivering every message. There’s a nostalgic element to his songs, but not enough to make them feel old. It’s clear Boone has clearly carved out his own path, bringing him out of the crowd of never-ending creatives and making him Benson Boone.