With a voice as powerfully multi-faceted as BANG YEDAM’s, it’s no surprise that the hotshot artist is on his way to the top of K-Pop’s soloist scene.

Since dropping his debut project, ONLY ONE, in November 2023, the artist has been on his own journey of artistic soul-searching, patiently refining his craft as he finds his feet as a solo artist. Now, with the release of his latest single, “Officially Cool,” YEDAM reaffirms his artistic prowess.

Teaming up with powerhouse vocalist WINTER from the top-selling girl group aespa, “Officially Cool” hears the duo sparring over a breezy synth production, expressing the underlying awkwardness and uncertainty of the love story via a heavenly blend of their dulcet vocals, while infusing the song with a delicate balance of vulnerability and charm.

Inviting viewers on a visual journey in the sleek and playful “Officially Cool” music video, their synergy is palpable as they navigate the intricacies of the song, pulling us deeper into the twists and turns of the track’s narrative through carefully curated visual choices that mirror the song’s themes.

Combined with a guest spot alongside the iconic B.I. on rising crossover star Big Naughty’s recent drop “INFJ,” “Officially Cool” adds another intriguing layer to BANG YEDAM’s blossoming artistry, certifying him as an exciting soloist on the rise with endless potential yet to be unveiled.

In between a busy schedule, BANG YEDAM chatted with us via email about “Officially Cool” and working with WINTER on the release, as well as his own journey of finding himself as an artist and producer.

Congratulations on the release of your new single, “Officially Cool”! What can you share with us about the process of creating the song?

Thank you so much! I was nervous before we started recording because it was the first time that KENZIE and I were working together. I have so much respect for his work; as soon as we got started in the studio all those nerves went away.

You have teamed up with WINTER of aespa for “Officially Cool”, which is an exciting moment. How did you work together with WINTER to bring the song to life?

WINTER (of aespa) did a great job of capturing the vibe of the song. The slightly shy and awkward feeling fits well with the song and it was done really well.

What was the inspiration behind the visual direction in the music video for “Officially Cool” and how does it match the song’s themes?

I made an effort to understand the story of the song as much as I could. There were so many unexpectedly cute parts that I wanted to subtly highlight.

“Officially Cool” serves as your most recent solo release following your debut project, ONLY ONE, in November 2023. What do you believe you’ve presented differently about yourself through “Officially Cool” compared to what was portrayed in ONLY ONE?

The first album ONLY ONE and “Officially Cool”’s textures are pretty similar. The best way I can describe the difference would be through colors. ‘Only One’ is kind of blue, glowing with freshness and youth. ‘Officially Cool’ has more of a pinker or purple tone that gently fades into each other.

ONLY ONE was a key introduction to your solo music, while “Officially Cool” showcases a collaboration with WINTER from aespa. You’ve also recently featured on Big Naughty’s track “INFJ” alongside B.I. What do you hope your solo releases say about your artistry compared to collaborative endeavors?

The solo album is more about myself and talking about my artistry. I wanted to try and show my other side through collaborations, so I think it’s a different charm.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

I wish people enjoy it as it is! I’m trying my best to make people empathize with the lyrics and music as much as possible, but there will be some parts that they won’t, which I understand.

You have previously spoken about pursuing music production in a greater capacity. What is your creative process like when producing music and what do you find most fulfilling about the production aspect of music making?

I always focus on authenticity first because I want to show parts of myself through my music. I feel so rewarded when the results appear exactly as I imagined.

Can you discuss any challenges you’ve faced while honing your skills as a music producer?

Frankly speaking, the production process is still new to me; I’ve felt very lucky to have the level of professionals in the room with me.

You are beloved by your fans, BY:D, for your beautiful and soulful vocals. Can you share any insights into how you developed your vocal style and technique?

I’ve always appreciated my fans who love my vocals. I usually practice by singing a lot of cover songs and trying to emulate the tones and skills that stayed with me.

How did you first become interested in music and performing?

I guess it came from my family first. My dad used to listen to pop songs naturally making it my childhood background. That was when I came across artists in different genres and I started to want to sing like them.

What advice would you give to aspiring singers or trainees who dream of debuting in the industry?

Positive mental attitude! I support people who want to make music their way. I’d support you and I mean it!

Looking ahead, what are your main aspirations and goals for your solo career?

Instead of having a goal, I like to focus on having fun + relaxing while I’m currently working on my music!