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Tyler Cameron is finally coming home, and he’s taking you with him. After a 5-year stint bouncing from New York to LA while making his mark on several reality television shows, the 31-year-old is embarking on a fresh journey–one that will ultimately redefine his image from the top down. Cameron has already established himself as the polished, charismatic character who managed to garner 2.2 million Instagram followers and counting; however, today he dares have the courage to take on an adventure that candidly pulls away the curtain on his personal life. The shift originated when Cameron moved back to his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, where he reconnected with family, initiated a business, and most importantly, picked up the pieces in the wake of grieving a harrowing loss–all of which was profoundly documented.

tyler cameron
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Going Home with Tyler Cameron, out on April 18th on Prime Video, marks the rightful kickoff of the star’s construction company, Image 1. On its surface, the show follows the TV titan and his team on various renovation projects from conception to execution. Every episode is a concise chapter of his professional development, but at its true core, the production is a season-long compendium of Cameron doing what he does best: making his community a better place. “I take so much pride in my town, the way I’ve come up, and the people that have helped me grow up. I wanted to share that I think this is a special place and that I have special people around me. I think it’s a great way to showcase and share the things and the people I love,” he tells EUPHORIA.

Only minutes into the series, Cameron firmly declares he’s in an era aiming to shift his bachelor, frat-boy lifestyle. “I did The Bachelorette and it created this fun world for me. Trust me, I had fun with it–I partied and I did all this stuff–but now I’m at a different point in my life where I want to build a business. I want to build a life. I’m trying to slow things down and take my time,” he says of his transformative role. “I think it’s about showing the sincerity, the realness. I had a great time and a great run, but I’m ready to put that kind of life behind me and show that this is what I really want to do.”

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Given his stacked reality TV resume ranging beyond The Bachelorette to include SNL and Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, it’s entirely clear Cameron has an “it-factor” that naturally makes him a standout on every body of work he touches. In Going Home with Tyler Cameron, the star found a flawless formula seamlessly blending the magnetic charm that made him a household name with otherwise lesser-seen vulnerability, much of which was brought out thanks to Jupiter’s comfortability. “When I got into this industry I made great friends, but I’ve never had a lot of friends in the industry. All my greatest friends are friends I grew up with, so I always felt so much more at home [in Jupiter] and felt like this is where I belonged. I started buying real estate little by little here and was like, ‘I can do this.’ I started doing it with a little bit of help from my dad, built a couple houses, and I realized this is where I want to be. This is what I want to do,” he says.

While Cameron may be seeking a slower life personally, he’s hitting the gas harder than ever on his professional achievements. Compared to previous appearances among which the Floridian was solely a contestant, he deservedly takes the driver’s seat in Going Home with Tyler Cameron. “This was a show where we had to be everywhere doing everything almost all the time. It was literally the hardest. It ended up being like seven to eight months of my life, and nine projects squeezed into that amount of time. I tell people that and they think I’m crazy. I was like, ‘Yeah we pulled it off somehow,'” he says. Not only did Cameron pull it off, he did so with a joy that radiates through the screen. If anything, the contractor embodies the age-old notion that wholly enjoying what you do means you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

But fabricating stunning homes is merely a small part of this production’s allure. The beating heart of the series is undoubtedly family, and not just within the Camerons, but as a community. From the first episode to the last, there’s an innate sense that the starlet shines his brightest when he’s able to watch everyone else be happy before himself. “I think I’m a mama’s boy and my dad’s son in the sense that they got the most joy in life seeing other people succeed and be happy. We’d go fishing, and my dad wouldn’t care about catching a fish, but he’d want to make sure everyone else caught a fish,” he shares. “I’m the same way now too. I find joy in seeing other people succeed and that’s where I live my life. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘A man who starts to understand life is a man who can plant the seed of a tree and not reap the rewards of its shade.’”

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Going Home With Tyler Cameron is far from your traditional renovation spectacle; it’s a moving anthology highlighting the importance of togetherness and the celebration of life. Yes, you can count on impressive reveals at the end of each installment, but it’s the subplots woven throughout the show that offer a poignant uniqueness. In the span of just one season, Cameron gets admirably raw about his relationships, the highs and lows of forging a business, and most intimately: grief.

For a period, Cameron was riddled with the tragic struggles that came alongside the death of his mother, Andrea, who passed away just days before the world shut down at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon returning to Florida to be with family following the loss, “It made me slow down and focus and sit in Jupiter kind in calmness for a while. Then after a while being there, I was like, ‘Man, I love it here and I’m happier here and I have my friends here and I’m healthier.’” 

Although the bereavement created broken pieces for the Camerons, much of Going Home with Tyler Cameron illustrates his family’s efforts to rebuild something meaningful from the rubble–literally. In addition to the star embarking on a new client project in each episode, viewers simultaneously earn smaller glimpses into the rehabilitation of his mother’s house. Watching Cameron take on the task bit by bit is a heartwarming and heartbreaking viewing experience, but as many tears as it causes, it’s utterly worth the emotional rollercoaster by the season finale. Suddenly, Going Home with Tyler Cameron moves the goalpost from a standard renovation show to a bona fide docuseries.

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“When my mom was alive, [her house] was always a home, and when she passed away it became a house again. It became a crash pad. It got a lot of neglect and not a lot of love and it was falling apart. So when we were able to fix it up, we made it a home again in honor of her,” he says. As such, Cameron renews what a “home makeover” means to the world. “Those walls have seen everything–tears and fights and love. If I could tell you how many times I cried in that bathtub in that back room, you know?” he laughs. “That house just means so much to me, my brothers, and honestly my friends and my family because everyone spent time there. Everyone’s had dinners there with my mom, during COVID that was the quarantine crew house and we had nine people staying in that little ass house. It’s crazy–the amount of fun and joy and good times that house has brought to us–it’s been incredible.” 

Grief aside, renovating this house largely holds an even greater, layered context. “To tell you a true story and sad backstory to all of this, the week before my mom passed, my dad handed her the note to the house. He said, ‘It’s paid in full, this is your house. Thank you for everything you’ve done.’” Days later, the world turned on its head. “In the show, I was going to surprise her and do her house for her. That was going to be a huge episode. Now, it’s, ‘All right, we have to do this house [to honor] Mom.’”

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Cameron may have wanted to reveal a new side of himself with this project; but in doing so, he arguably leaves everything on the table. It’s impossible to walk away from watching without seeing the star as anything but truly a great person. 

While Going Home with Tyler Cameron depicts its share of heavy themes, for each cry-worthy instance there is a surplus of hilariously fun moments akin to the traditional Cameron we’ve seen on screens of the past. At the end of the day, the Florida native is a seasoned, masterful TV personality who earned stripes. He knows exactly what his audiences want to see, ergo, Cameron frequently spins the spotlight off of himself and shifts to a number of esteemed co-stars. For any fans-to-be, rest assured there are a plethora of scenes featuring Bachelor Nation favorites including Hannah Brown, Matt James, Rachael Kirckconnell, and Jason Tartick for your viewing pleasure.

Most notably bringing all of these prominent personalities into one room is an earnest, memorable scene dedicated to Cameron’s charity gala. To honor his late mother, The Andrea C. Cameron Foundation was established to raise money for the aid of students in their pursuit of education–the gala being one of many avenues of achieving this goal. “[Andrea] felt that it was important for her three sons to get a college education. She was our most loyal and fiercest supporter; she always had our back. We want our mother’s legacy to be that she continues to be able to help and support others to achieve their dreams,” the foundation’s website reads. 

Cameron’s plans to cherish his mother always reached beyond the newly renovated walls of her home. Just as she served as a beacon of light for Jupiter’s community, the Cameron family felt it a natural progression and necessary good to keep her radiant glow intact. “I always thought the way I was going to help out would be coaching football one day, but when my mom passed away, I was like, ‘How do we honor her?’ That was a lady that gave her all to not just me, my brothers, and my dad, but to the whole community and to everybody. How do we find light in a dark place and make her name still shine? We started with the Scholarship Foundation,” he says.

To date, the effort has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and proudly boasts continual exponential growth. “Ever since I’ve been back here, I’ve been around my people again and I’m so grateful for it,” he adds. “The love is real here and people really want to help and support–what we’re doing is just trying to help more people and I’m very grateful.”

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Perhaps fans of Cameron are already aware of his inclination towards construction and charity via the extensive efforts posted on his social media pages, where glimpses of both in short-form content can be seen dating years back. Going Home With Tyler Cameron, however, is an assertion across numerous hours that this disciplined mindset is here to stay. “It’s is a real business now. I’m renovating homes, I’m flipping homes, I’m doing this all the time, I’m posting all the time, it’s what I do now,” he says. Truthfully, it’s unsurprising that he naturally fell into the industry–Cameron’s father runs a contracting business while his mother previously worked in real estate. From person to professional, he’s a true amalgamation of everything positive about his family.

And as he waits for the world to tune in to Going Home With Tyler Cameron, he states: “I’m going to keep renovating, keep building. Hopefully, everyone loves this show and we come back with a season two bigger, stronger, and better.”

Watch season one of Going Home With Tyler Cameron on Amazon Prime Video starting April 18th.