Photo: Erik Melvin

Music Video Premiere: Alexander Stewart – broken by you

Singing sensation Alexander Stewart already has over half a billion streams to his name and is going to expand on those statistics as he releases his new single, “broken by you.”

Co-written by Stewart alongside The Nocturns, Corey Sanders, and Nolan Sipe, the cinematic song showcases a more up-tempo side to the singer commonly known for his heartfelt ballads. Its Nick and Pat Demarais-directed music video, which EUPHORIA. is exclusively premiering, watches Stewart face his raw emotions in a room full of mirrors. Symbolizing his introspection and self-discovery, Stewart continues to express his heartbreak as the video progresses.

For the premiere, EUPHORIA. spoke to Stewart ahead of the release of “broken by you” to learn more about the song and what else is in the pipeline. Keep scrolling to watch the video.

You’re releasing your new single, “broken by you.” Tell us how this song came to be.

“broken by you” was written in the depths of me trying to find a silver lining in a heartbreak that I knew was already coming. It’s me trying to find the beauty in heartbreak. A silver lining.

Many people know you for your ballads. This single definitely takes on a more up-tempo approach. Was this intentional?

It was! I absolutely love ballads as most people who follow me know, but I also LOVE up-tempo pop records. for the first single, I thought it would be really amazing to have my classic sad vibe mixed with the uptempo vibe that I myself so love listening to.

Each of your songs has its own story or message behind them. What do you want listeners to take away from this song?

I want people to remember that after a relationship is over, sometimes you don’t have to hate each other. As hard as it was for me to accept that I had lost what I considered the love of my life, I am forever grateful for the time we had together.

You previously went on tour with Charlie Puth and Eric Nam. What did you take away from that experience?

I learned that playing live shows is my favorite part of what I do! I already knew I loved playing live, but spending that much time on the road this year really showed me that the shows are what I truly do this for. There is no better feeling.

You’re going on your own tour across North America from May. Can fans expect you to perform some more new, unreleased material?

Absolutely!! Anyone who comes to the show can expect tons and tons of new music.

Are your recent single releases gearing up towards a bigger project? Is an album in the works?

It is!! For the last 7 years, I’ve been working towards putting out my first album. I’ve spent the last few months really perfecting a body of work that I’m unbelievably proud of, and I really hope that people enjoy it.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

It’s the live shows and singing songs I wrote from the deepest part of my brain with everyone. There is truly no better feeling.

2024 is officially in full swing. What are you manifesting for yourself this year?

A world tour and an album.., or two.