WILLOW – symptom of life

WILLOW’s new single “sympton of life” comes with SZA’s approval, and I know that, for fans, it would feel like it’s been forever since the “Wait a Minute!” hitmaker dropped new music – her last single “alone” was released four months ago. At the very least, his latest offering promises to keep us busy for a while as we wait for scraps of news of her upcoming album.

Described by WILLOW as “whimsical,” the song seeks to find the meaning of life and why we often let our painful moments define us when we could just bask in the beauty of nature. “Feast my eyes on lower things while bеauty is a symptom of life / Gotta decide if I’m gonna see it, why? / Fеast our eyes on lower things when suffering is craving the light / Gotta decide how we’re gonna heal it, why?” she sings in the chorus.

“The song has a very beautiful whimsical nature but holds a lot of mystery,” WILLOW said in a press release. “There’s this beautiful light coming in through the piano, but also this syncopated rhythm of the bass bringing in that mysterious element. A juxtaposition of light and dark.”

The accompanying music video sees WILLOW and two friends embark on a nature hike. At the end, her friends surround her with pretty flowers as she continues to reminisce about life’s intriguing questions. WILLOW self-directed the video and wanted fans to get a feel of the healing presence of nature.

“This visual is for all the beautiful people who have ever gone into nature with their friends & been guided to a deeper understanding of life together by plant medicine,” Willow wrote on Instagram. “I hope this song and visual can bring catharsis to anyone who experiences them.”

WILLOW’s music has always endeavored to have an introspective element to it. While “symptom of life” tries to understand our existence, “alone” sees WILLOW explore what it would be like if we welcomed the feeling of loneliness, instead of running away from it.

“When we’re alone, when there’s nobody there to distract us from our own thoughts, we try to run away from it,” she told Rolling Stone at the time. “But I feel like it’s a really interesting practice to understand and to really see what changes when you don’t try to push it away.”

Both songs are expected to appear in her upcoming sixth studio album.